The Tech Game: November 2021

Minecraft's Caves & Cliffs Part II Update Is Out Now02310
Dr Disrespect Is Worried About ‘Hackusations” Invading Halo Infinite13964
New Call of Duty Warzone Pacific map trailer offers a tour Caldera12594
CDPR Still Confident It Can Turn Cyberpunk 2077 Around11595
Halo Infinite Becomes the Top Free Game on Xbox, Beating Warzone01484
Halo Infinite’s campaign launch trailer has been released01703
Farming Simulator 22 Has More Players Than Battlefield 2042 on Steam01643
New World Bug Loads A Server Full Of Placeholders01573
Apex Legends Players Want To See A Metropolis Map Added01273
Rockstar Games Founder Predicts Major GTA 6 Change03174
Next Halo Game Leaked by Xbox Insider02933
Half-Life 3 Rumored to Be in Development Once Again01585
Resident Evil 4 remake art allegedly ‘shared by Wesker voice actor’01804
One Game Awards reveal ‘has been in the works for 2.5 years’01513
Halo Infinite’s February multiplayer event seemingly leaks01695
Spotify testing a new style of music listening that resembles TikTok22015
Zelda 64 has been decompiled, potentially opening the door for ports02584
Squid Game comes to CS:GO02334
Halo Infinite Players Already Want Changes to Crossplay02523
Cyberpunk 2077 Sequel Hinted at by CD Projekt Red01864
Steam just beat another record with 27 million concurrent users01315
Sony could be planning a PlayStation mobile controller, patent suggest11713
Designer thanks fans as Cyberpunk receives ‘flood of positive reviews’02683
The Elder Scrolls 6 Tease Is Painful for PS5 Players03044
Red Dead Redemption 2 Player May Have Just Solved a Huge Mystery02923
Analysts Claim Xbox Series S Was Black Friday's Most Popular Console41865
Dying Light 2 Stay Human’s PS5 Download Size is a Little Over 21 GB01394
Mario Odyssey Beaten In Under 58 Minutes, Setting New World Record02184
Xbox Game Demos Leaked03074.5
New Warzone Pacific Map Is A Lot Smaller Than Players Though03274
Xbox says improving video capture quality and sharing is ‘a priority’01343.5
Two Cyberpunk 2077 Updates Confirmed For Early 202201713.5
Returnal Developer Might Possibly be Teasing a DLC Announcement01164
Halo Infinite Will Add New Weapons Over Time12523.5
New Sony Patent May Indicate That the PS5 is Getting a UI Upgrade01775
Microsoft Lied to the Press About the Original Xbox’s Existence02574
New World rolls back EU server after showering players with gold02024.5
Next Ace Combat Game Might Be A Remake01074.5
The Outer Worlds 2 Has Seemingly Been In Development Since 201901234.5
Child of Light Sequel Could be Announced in Early 202201615
Valheim Update Surprises Players With New Content02505
Next week’s free Epic Games Store titles have been confirmed02253.5
New Dying Light 2 gameplay debuts next week02233.5
Devil May Cry 5 runs smoothly on the Steam Deck, according to Capcom01474
Sea of Thieves is Giving Out a Halo-Themed Spartan Ship Set for Free01784
Bizarre Battlefield 2042 Glitch Lets Players 'Swim' in the Sky02705
Halo Infinite opening cutscenes leak, contain campaign spoilers03123.5
Former Sega President Says Baton Was Passed to Xbox01794
Xbox and Sony Team Up For Special Xbox Game Pass Freebie04333.5
Dragon Ball: The Breakers Gets Gameplay Overview Trailer02093.5
Life is Strange: True Colors is finally coming to Switch in December01424
Halo Infinite Players Call for Item Shop Boycott65974
New Monster Hunter Games Teased by Nintendo Leaker12104
Halo Infinite Players Slam 343 as "Greedy" Following New Discovery25024.5
Xbox Boss Teases Long-Awaited Feature23643
Battlefield’s head of design is leaving DICE, following 2042’s release42235
Death Stranding 2 Potentially Teased by Hideo Kojima11613.5
Steam has launched its Autumn Black Friday sale02154.5
Dragon Age 4 Loses Another Major Developer01395
Teardown Part Two launches next month as a free update01603.5
Halo Infinite Fracture Tenrai event challenges01884
Hearts of Iron 4 hits new player record five years after launch01164.5
Xbox Publishes Letter from When It Tried to Acquire Nintendo02264.5
Xbox Reveals Why Halo Infinite Co-op Delay Was a Good Thing13194
Xbox Is Sending 20th Anniversary Gifts To Some Fans06953.5
The upcoming ‘big PlayStation remake’ is reportedly Chrono Cross01775
Epic Games Store’s Black Friday sale includes discounts on 900 product01673.5
PlayStation Plus Free Game for December Potentially Uncovered21733.5
Street Fighter 6 Is Probably Going to Be Revealed Next Year11323.5
Xbox’s new virtual museum explores its history02113.5
Xbox Live Games With Gold Free Games for December 2021 Announced04314.5
Epic Games Purchases Rock Band Developer Harmonix11724.5
Former Nintendo boss Reggie ‘bought an Xbox instead of a GameCube’01883.5
Pokemon Go Developer Niantic Is Now Worth $9 Billion01864
Reggie Fils-Aime Hosted Xbox Event, Wasn't Sure Why01764
Nintendo Makes A Statement On The Activision Blizzard Scandal02684
Phasmophobia teases voodoo and summoning circles01983.5
The Game Awards 2021 Gets Companion Podcast On Spotify02014.5
December’s ‘free’ games with Amazon Prime Gaming have been announced13134
Lengthy List of Battlefield Franchise Features ‘Missing’ in 204223154
EA and FIFA Continue to Lock Horns Over License01724.5
Leaker Suggests Call of Duty Could Ditch Its Annual Release Schedule33384
Halo Infinite’s campaign doesn’t unlock new armour12294
PS5 faceplate patent could point to more official options01375
Spending On Video Game Hardware To Reach $135 Billion In Five Years01213.5
Hitman 3 to receive ray tracing and VR on PC in early 202201315
WWE 2K22 Microtransactions Will Not Be 'Pay to Win'01263.5
Star Wars: Battlefront 3 plans were reportedly ‘rejected by EA’02214
World of Warcraft May Finally Be Coming to Consoles03225
Battlefield 2042 Player Makes Neat Wingsuit Training Course01884.5
GTA Trilogy Seemingly Has An Unfinished VR Mode01984
Resident Evil 4 VR getting Mercenaries mode free next year01393.5
Sony Held Numerous Meetings With Devs to Help Design PS501724
Mark Cerny reveals PS5’s hardware secrets in new video02004
343 Industries Reportedly Working on Another Game Besides Infinite02373.5
Battlefield 2042 is now one of the worst-reviewed games on Steam23034
Player explores Warzone’s new Caldera map via spectator cam03104.5
Mass Effect Legendary Edition might be coming to Xbox Game Pass01545
Call of Duty: Vanguard Players Are Calling For Scoreboard Changes02573.5
Halo Infinite Xbox Series S Performance Detailed02893.5
Project L League of Legends Explained by Riot Games01984
Sega alliance with Microsoft won’t result in Xbox exclusives01663
Star Citizen has now raised over $400 million01824
Judge dismisses antitrust lawsuit filed against Valve01494.5
Battlefield 2042's next update will fix revives and the hovercraft02264
Star Wars Battlefront 3 may not be happening12284.5
New Overwatch Game Potentially Leaked02124
Halo Infinite's Devs Don't Like Calling It An Open-World Game02243
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Adds Battlefield 2042 Stickers01433.5
Halo Infinite Campaign Gameplay Shows off Side Missions02274
Halo Infinite Gameplay Shows off Boss Fights on Legendary Difficulty03114
The Elder Scrolls 6 Teased by Xbox06744
Rust gets a permanent in-game store with “premium” cosmetics01733.5
Halo Infinite Has Gone Gold12534.5
GTA Online Update Surprises Players With Free GTA Trilogy Gift03024.5
Hideki Kamiya apologises to Microsoft for Scalebound’s cancellation01924
Microsoft Flight Simulator Game of the Year Edition is Out Now01713.5
Halo Infinite Delays Two Major Features Even Further03844
Forza Horizon 5 Is the Biggest Xbox Launch Ever22093
Halo Infinite Campaign is Designed Primarily Around Normal Difficulty02053
Titanfall 2 speedrunner uses grenades to set a new world record01994
Cyberpunk 2077 Developer Has “No Plans” for Xbox Game Pass Launch01224.5
Rockstar will bring back classic GTA 3, Vice City, and San Andreas02224.5
Call of Duty: Warzone's new Pacific map is delayed23163
Call of Duty Leaker Drops New Modern Warfare 2 Teases78684
Halo Infinite Player Takes Out Wasp With Timed Power Cell Throw02463
Battlefield 2042 day one patch reduces rubber banding and fixes bugs02183
Destiny 2 is killing one-shot PvP abilities in "biggest balance patch"01843
Maneater Reaches 5 Million Players, Celebrates with Ray Tracing Update01465
Fortnite Leak Teases Crossover With The Matrix02413
Next week’s Epic Games Store freebie has been revealed03073
Minecraft's Next Big Update Gets a Release Date03134
Nintendo Insider Teases Major Legend of Zelda Announcement02445
WWE 2K22 Addresses Virtual Currency02173
Halo Infinite achievement hints at new Elimination multiplayer mode01993
Halo Infinite Players Aren't Impressed With Battle Pass Changes02295
Xbox head Phil Spencer calls for "legal emulation" of older games02623
Halo Infinite Making Major Improvements to Battle Pass Progression12664
More Epic Games Store Games Add Achievements01755
PlayStation Criticizes Activision Response to Latest Allegations01864
Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Issue Is Being Addressed Says Nintendo01874
PlayStation Plus Free Game for December Possibly Discovered12135
Forza Horizon 5 Releases First Update, Patch Notes Revealed03155
Halo Infinite players who buy the Halo Controller get a gun charm03455
Xbox Cloud Gaming has officially launched for consoles02333
Xbox doesn't want anything to do with 'exploitative' NFTs02034
Emulators Snes9x, bsnes, DeSmuME, and PPSSPP are now on Steam01805
GTA 3 and GTA Vice City modders fight back against copyright lawsuit02004
Metroid Dread Producer Teases Next Game01905
Halo Infinite Battle Pass progression changed for per-match rewards14015
GTA Trilogy player discovers nightmare fuel visual glitch14764
GTA Trilogy player uses GTA 3 'Ghost Glitch' to make their car massive03524
New Dragon Ball Video Game Announced03045
New World banned over 1,200 players for trade and housing exploits02014
Phil Spencer is ‘evaluating Xbox’s relationship with Activision’03503
Forza Horizon 5’s language filter is being ‘ixed12093
Skate 2 Servers Killed Just As Game Makes Comeback23004
Halo Infinite hit more than 270,000 concurrent players on Steam02455
Xbox's New Backward Compatible Games Are The Last Ever03343
GTA San Andreas Players Miss the Draw Distance Fog02155
New Xbox Game Pass titles for console, PC and Cloud have been dated01835
Call of Duty Vanguard update adds Shipment map22875
Xbox Game Pass is ‘very, very sustainable right now’, Spencer says02083
Halo Infinite Season 1 has been extended to May 202212725
Free Halo-Themed DLC Sails Into Sea Of Thieves01544
The Elder Scrolls VI “has got to be a ‘decade game'”12193
Rainbow Six Extraction trailer follows rescue mission that goes wrong02193
Valve and AMD just dropped plenty of new Steam Deck info02164
Take-Two's Private Division Acquires OlliOlli World Developer Roll701984.3
The Xbox One X logo was originally going to be motorized03324
A six-part Xbox documentary is coming to streaming platforms01484.5
The first teaser trailer for the Halo TV series has been revealed02303.5
Rumour: Beyond Good and Evil 2 'Still Several Years Away'21484.3
Wartales Enters Early Access on December 1st01983.7
Elder Scrolls 6’s Xbox exclusivity isn’t about punishing PlayStation13283.5
Xbox ‘is pushing Phil Spencer to line up a successor’03054
Nintendo is making "continuous improvements" to Joy-Con controllers01244
Xbox Game Pass was originally designed as a rental service01774.5
Back 4 Blood is “Far More Difficult Than Intended,” Developer Admits01764.5
Global Chip Shortage Will Continue Through 2022, Says Nvidia02893.5
Shin Megami Tensei 5 files suggest the game could arrive on PC & PS401123
Valve is making TF2 modding easier by waiving a $50K fee02033.5
New Cinematic Rainbow Six Extraction Trailer Focuses On M.I.A Feature01373.5
Halo Infinite Will Put The Announcer Back In Big Team Battle02313.5
Vanguard is Reportedly the Series’ Worst Launch in the UK in 14 Years32883
GTA Trilogy's Rain Is Giving Fans a Headache12564.5
GTA Trilogy's Metacritic User Score Of Less Than One Out Of Ten23593.5
Dr Disrespect Reveals New Details on His Mysterious Twitch Ban21,0175
Nintendo says it’s taking criticism of Switch N64 emulation seriously22125
Beyond Good and Evil 2 Reportedly in Danger of Cancellation11623
GTA and Red Dead could endure as long as James Bond, says CEO01744.5
Warframe's new expansion, The New War, will release next month01313.5
Halo Infinite’s multiplayer mode is officially launching today02865
Xbox has announced over 70 new backward compatible games03244.3
Injustice 2 Removes Controversial Feature Four Years Later02273.7
Fable 4 May Be Releasing Sooner Than Expected02693.7
Battlefield 2042's new hovercraft can drive straight up buildings12564.3
The Elder Scrolls 6 Release Date Update Shared by Bethesda12813
Battlefield 2042 voice chat won't be available at launch22013.7
GTA Vice City Cop Land Bug Causing Major Issues02724.3
GTA Trilogy Returns to the Rockstar Games Launcher01573.3
Xbox 360 Games Get Mysterious Updates Ahead of Xbox Event13604.3
Modern Warfare 2's Remastered Multiplayer Is Cancelled, Claims Leaker35173.7
Rocket League Players Divided Over Season 512103
GTA 6 Clue Possibly Discovered in GTA Trilogy03224
Battlefield 2042 players are demanding a traditional scoreboard02284.3
Gran Turismo 7 Trailer Outlines Track Development01384
Forza Horizon 5 Hits 6 Million Players During Launch Week01244.3
Xbox Game Pass mods will soon be a thing34354.3
GTA Trilogy's PS5 Framerate Analysed, And It Ain't Pretty02894
USB-C iPhone Sells for $86,000 On Ebay26874.3
Epic Games Store Reveals This Week's Freebies01974
Fallout TV Show Still Happening, According to Todd Howard01514.7
ELEX 2 Launches on March 1, 202201594.3
Sony Has Reportedly Had to Cut Back on PS5 Production02165
Halo Infinite's Campaign Opening Detailed In New Video02504.5
Bethesda plans to show more Starfield in summer 202201213.5
Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction slated for January release01784.5
Twitch has finally launched on Nintendo Switch21745
Star Wars Eclipse Possibly Leaked02174
Xbox ‘is definitely making’ a new 1 vs 100, it’s claimed23543.5
Metroid Prime Remaster Reportedly "Finished" for Nintendo Switch01803.5
Halo Infinite Gets More Details On New ‘Spartan Killer’ Character Jega02204.5
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive update brings changes to Riptide Map01463.5
The Gunk Launches on December 1601185
Leaker Teases Hogwarts Legacy Update Coming 'Soon'02094
Rockstar Games Pulls GTA Trilogy The Definitive Edition from sale89214
Insiders Claim Halo Infinite's Multiplayer Is Launching November 1503744
Battlefield 2042 Season 1 Will Kick off in Early 202201934
The Game Awards 2021 is expected to feature 40-50 titles01714
Steam Deck Delayed by Valve01704
EA Reportedly Greenlights New Fight Night, But Progress Paused by UFC02004
Call of Duty: Vanguard players are sick of friendly player collision22733.5
Elden Ring test keys are selling for hundreds on eBay12244
Judge denies Apple's request for a stay after Epic trial03193.5
Starfield was 'now or never' for Bethesda according to Todd Howard02215
The Last of Us Creator Teases New PS5 Game11774
Deep Rock Galactic Has Sold Over 3 Million Units01344
Forza Horizon 5 player count is record-breaking according to Xbox02154
Among Us Stealth Releases Biggest Update Yet01703
Grand Theft Auto 4 Remaster is in Development, Launching in 202345543
Ubisoft Giving Away Assassin's Creed Chronicles for Free01964.3
Gran Turismo 7 Trailer Details Tuning and Customization01613.7
Switch is “at the Mid-Point of its Lifecycle,” Nintendo Reiterates01803.7
Dead PS4 Exclusive Being Revived as New Game11854
Fallout 5 Teased by Bethesda Director Todd Howard02534
Starfield Release Date Update Provided by Bethesda02613.7
Phil Spencer says Xbox is looking to buy casual game developers01984
Back 4 Blood wasn’t supposed to be sending that many specials12564
Forza Horizon 5 reaches three million players and Steam’s top ten11654
RetroArch’s new automatic frame delay makes low input lag easier01104.3
Sonic Frontiers trademark seemingly corroborates open-world claims01355
GTA Trilogy footage compares the Definitive Editions and originals05664
Shin Megami Tensei 5 Trailer Hypes up Story Before Launch01254
DRM chaos left major PC games briefly unplayable this weekend01854
Metal Gear Solid Games Temporarily Removed From Sale01733.7
YouTube is Getting Rid of Public Dislikes34414
Elden Ring’s Xbox File Size is Approximately 50 GB01495
Killzone 2 Online Servers Restored By Fans01504
Over an hour of GTA Trilogy gameplay footage has leaked43643.3
GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition – Which music tracks are missing?02943.7
New Mod Adds 8K Resolution To Star Wars: Battlefront02184
Guerrilla Games Details New Horizon Forbidden West Machines01283.7
Red Alert 2 fan expansion over 15 years in the making is complete21814.3
Back 4 Blood will get an offline single player mode in December01654.3
Call of Duty: Vanguard Player Dies After Running Into Door13864.3
Nintendo Announces Black Friday 2021 Deals02023.7
More Battlefield 2042 details have leaked including weapons list04793.7
Hacking group claims to have hit a major PS5 milestone13854.7
Call of Duty 2023 will apparently return to the Black Ops series12484.3
Nintendo Switch Online has over 32 million subscribers11764.3
Sony Loses Vita Trademark in the European Union11783.7
Warner Bros. has hinted that Hogwarts Legacy may arrive in late 202202224
Pokemon Trading Card Game Live has been delayed until 202212073.7
Next Mass Effect – BioWare Shows New Concept Art01754
Call of Duty Vanguard datamine points to ‘Attack on Titan’ crossover12893.7
Take-Two Will Release More VR Titles in the Future01494.7
Money-laundering on Twitch triggers call for investigation03593.7
Scorn Has Been Delayed to 202201503.3
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 May Feature All-New Game Mode15973.4
Rockstar shows off Nintendo Switch GTA Trilogy screenshots02563.8
Assassin’s Creed Valhalla’s ‘Tombs of the Fallen’ DLC confirmed01704.4
Fortnite Removes Travis Scott Emote04614
Forza Horizon 5 has 800,000 players and it’s not even out yet01974.2
Elden Ring Console Performance Details Revealed01933.6
Gran Turismo 7 videos have seemingly been published early01764.2
Sega could spend $1bn on its super game including studio acquisitions01464.2
Rumor: Halo Infinite Could Have Multiple Campaigns01724
Fable Has Been in Development for 4 Years, as per Lead Engineer01664
Battlefield 2042 beta had "overwhelmingly positive" feedback, EA boss21993.8
A Hidden 'Bloom Mechanic' Has Been Discovered In Call of Duty Vanguard02374.6
PlayStation Exec Congratulates Phil Spencer on Forza Horizon 5 Launch43504.5
Nintendo Switch 2 Isn't Coming Soon According to Nintendo02204.3
Xbox Live Gold Has Two Secret Free Games for November25783.8
Is Mafia 4 in Development for PS5 and Xbox Series X?02374.3
Call Of Duty Warzone Gets Peek At Pacific Caldera Map03043.8
Rumor: More Rockstar Games Titles Could Be Coming to the Switch02194.5
God of War’s PC Port Will Support AMD’s FSR01723.8
Battlefield 2042 Insider Warns Big Beta Issue Wont Be Fixed for Launch15242.8
Overwatch 2 Developer Addresses New Release Date Rumors02334
Nintendo Will Reportedly Use $900 Million To Fund Game Development02014.5
Back 4 Blood Video Captures How Far Bots Have Come03124
Apex Legends Developer Responds to Ash Nerf Demands02054.3
343 Industries Talks Halo Infinite's Battle Pass Plans02514
DayZ might not work on Valve’s Steam Deck02304
Nintendo Switch Has Over 6700 Third-Party Games11654.3
Humankind’s Steam modding tools have arrived in beta01443.8
Skyrim Anniversary Edition Reveals Price and Upgrade Options13073.5
Elden Ring Classes Shown Off by FromSoftware02143.3
Halo: The Master Chief Collection Receives New 20th Anniversary Update02923.8
Next week’s free Epic Games Store content has been revealed12813.8
Nintendo Switch Online Leak May Reveal Next Console12353.5
Nintendo Switch sold over 92 million worldwide to date21544.3
Xbox Series X Might Have Just Secured a Big Third-Party Exclusive Game23004.3
8 Deluxe is officially the best-selling Mario Kart ever11504
Vanguard Dev Explains Why the Mini-Map No Longer Has Red Dots47633.8
GTA Trilogy console pre-loading is available now12893.7
Bully 2 Potentially Cancelled by Rockstar Games22993.3
Battlefield 2042’s open beta attracted 7.7 million players31894
Minecraft will finally let it rain after you sleep02113.7
Minecraft gets new unified PC launcher01904.3
GTA Parent Company Has 62 Games Coming By March 202402043.2
Grand Theft Auto Definitive Edition's File Sizes Have Been Revealed02523.8
Netflix officially launches gaming platform globally on Android24144
Switch Hacker To Pay Nintendo $4.5 Million, Could Face Jail Time23354.3
GTA Online Players Can Get Free $1 Million With PS Plus01464.5
Battlefield 2042 Trailer Reveals New Multiplayer Map02134.3
Gran Turismo 7 Behind-the-Scenes Video Discusses Livery Editor01114.3
Valve’s Steam Deck is getting its own Steamworks virtual conference01343.3
Microsoft says it’s planning 3D metaverse applications for Xbox02764
Overwatch 2 Delayed12133.5
Diablo 4 Officially Delayed by Blizzard21794.2
New Final Fantasy Game Potentially Leaked01683.8
Battlefield 2042 pre-load dates leak for PS5 and PS402174.3
Street Fighter 5 Has Sold 6 Million Copies01054.2
Switch will reportedly miss production target by 20%01253.7
PS5 reportedly no longer loses functionality when CMOS battery dies02023.8
Halo Infinite May Release Earlier Than Expected03503.3
Left 4 Dead 2 Boasts Higher Players on Steam Than Back 4 Blood02103.8
Marvel's Avengers will no longer sell XP boosts01564.2
Sony airlifting PS5 systems to meet Christmas demand in the UK01443.7
Call of Duty 2022 will reportedly bring classic MW2 maps to Warzone03363.2
A new Halo Infinite multiplayer map has been revealed02113.8
Halo Infinite Map Remakes Not Ruled Out, But Don't Expect Many01334.5
Age of Empires 4 Developer is Thinking About a Potential Xbox Version01794
Halo Infinite Teaser Video Hints At Untold Stories01714.2
Fortnite player reaches level 1,000 for the first time03513.5
Call of Duty Vanguard PlayStation exclusives don't include a game mode32834
Bloodborne PS1 demake will release for free next year12804
Grand Theft Auto 6 Development Was Rebooted in 202004103.5
Red Dead Redemption 1 Remaster maybe in the Works01564
Fortnite’s Chinese Servers Are Shutting Down01844.2
Returnal Save Exploit Makes The Game A Lot Easier01423.7
Halo Infinite could get an ‘Early Access Bundle’ and at least 4 DLC's42684.5
Xbox Game Pass Reveals New Games for November26924.5
Sega and Microsoft have announced ‘a strategic alliance’ around cloud03963.8
Age of Empires 4 exceeds 70,000 concurrent players on launch weekend13784.3
Battlefield 2042 PC video shows off DLSS and ray-tracing04474
Rainbow Six Siege’s next season is High Calibre03624.3
Modern Warfare 2’s campaign will reportedly feature a morality system25664.7
Xbox May Be Getting More Backward Compatible Games Soon22914.3
Here’s what the Steam Store looks like on Steam Deck03983.7
New World has lost over 500,000 players in a month02914.5
The GTA Trilogy Has Been In Development For "Over Two Years"02944.2
Rockstar Games Job Listing Ignites Speculation About GTA 601794.5
Call of Duty: Vanguard Zombies gameplay has leaked48793.8
Call of Duty: Vanguard PC Specs Revealed Alongside New Trailer03523.8
PS Plus Nearing 50 Million Subscribers01363.8
PlayStation VR 2 Headset Potentially Leaked03873.5
Xbox Series X Finally Addressing One of the Console's Strangest Issues02793.8
Destiny 2 Players Slam Bungie Over Microtransaction Prices02164.3
Pragmata is “Making Steady Progress,” Capcom Says11554.2
New Crash Bandicoot Game Potentially Leaked02044
PlayStation Boss Reveals Horizon Zero Dawn Running on Steam Deck01943.6
Resident Evil Village Might Receive Free DLC in the Future11903.6
Subnautica studio's next project will hit early access in 202211523.9
Next Nintendo Switch Online Console Potentially Leaked02433.9
Lara Croft Games Coming to Nintendo Switch11123.3
Knockout City Getting Next-Gen Upgrade and KO Royale Mode13643.6

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