WWE 2K22 Microtransactions Will Not Be 'Pay to Win'

When it comes to modern sports games, microtransactions are an expected part of the package. Nearly all the big sports games released nowadays has microtransactions, and the upcoming WWE 2K22 is no exception. But while WWE 2K22 will have microtransactions, on paper, it doesn't sound like they will be nearly as intrusive or detrimental to the overall experience as other sports games, though fans will need to see them in action to be sure.

WWE 2K22 microtransactions will be limited to the MyFACTION mode, a single player experience where players create their own stable of wrestlers and compete in weekly events. The WWE 2K22 developers have said that the game's microtransactions will not be pay to win, and all the items that players can purchase with them can also be obtained in-game using currency that players earn from actually playing.

As far as microtransactions in sports games go, WWE 2K22's don't seem all that egregious, but again, fans will need to see them in action to make a judgment call one way or another. It's possible that the microtransactions won't have a bearing on the WWE 2K22 gameplay, but it's also possible that they will weigh down the MyFACTION mode and keep it from reaching its full potential. It's a guessing game until fans actually see how the microtransactions are implemented.

It's possible that fans will get their first real look at the WWE 2K22 microtransactions come January. It was previously confirmed that the next big WWE 2K22 news update would come in January, around the time of the Royal Rumble event.

And even if fans don't get the full rundown on WWE 2K22 microtransactions in January, they won't have to wait too much longer after that to see how it works for themselves. The WWE 2K22 release date is scheduled for an undetermined point in March 2022, so fans will get to play the game for themselves in just a few months time, and it will definitely be interesting to see if it lives up to its promises.

After the WWE 2K20 backlash, it seems Visual Concepts is doing what it can to make it up to disgruntled fans, and so one has to imagine it will do its best to avoid a microtransaction controversy with WWE 2K22. The developer has confirmed a ton of fan-pleasing features and changes coming to the game, from a new control scheme to the long-awaited return of General Manager mode.

WWE 2K22 is scheduled to launch March 2022.

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