GTA Trilogy Returns to the Rockstar Games Launcher

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy has finally returned to the Rockstar Games Launcher after having disappeared from the platform without a trace, leaving thousands of players on PC without any sort of access to the game for several days. The result was widespread confusion as many consumers had only just purchased the product moments before. The game was available for purchase on all recent consoles, prompting even further confusion on the part of players.

Rockstar removed the GTA Trilogy from their platform after dataminers noticed that files containing unlicensed music and even the controversial “hot coffee” minigame were accidentally given to the public along with the game. The developer soon issued a statement apologizing for the disruption, but offered no timeframe for getting the GTA Trilogy back onto the Rockstar Games Launcher. The problem seems to have been resolved as of November 14, 2021. But the company still has a lot of work left to do.

The game has not gotten off to a very good start. The launch was in fact so bad that modders had to work their magic just to make the GTA Trilogy playable. Reports began flooding in almost immediately after the game was released which pointed to all sorts of bizarre bugs and glaring glitches. These ranged from spelling errors to distorted character models and bad texture mapping.

The community has been thoroughly unimpressed, bringing the user score on Metacritic to less than one out of ten. There have also been a flurry of refund requests. Rockstar has been asking players to take out tickets on their support portal without any further explanation. Whether or not refunds have been made is currently unclear. Since the developer has not revealed plans to address the many issues with the game, the future of the GTA Trilogy is unclear as well. Modders have been coming under increasingly fierce attack, leaving the fate of the GTA Trilogy very much in question.

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