Battlefield 2042 PC video shows off DLSS and ray-tracing

EA has published a new video showcasing Battlefield 2042’s Nvidia PC features, including DLSS and ray-tracing.

The Geforce maker has partnered with EA to deliver exclusive benefits for its video card owners, including Nvidia Reflex, a new featured designed to reduce render latency and make mouse aiming more responsive.

“PC gamers will get a Battlefield 2042 experience like no other, because a PC allows you to enjoy higher detail levels, uncapped frame rates, and gameplay enhanced by variable refresh rate G-SYNC monitors, TVs and displays,” Nvidia said in a statement.

“Graphics on a PC are next-level with ray-traced ambient occlusion (available only on PC), and GeForce RTX-based PCs have dedicated RT cores to deliver excellent ray tracing performance.”

Last month, Battlefield 2042’s new Hazard Zone mode was officially detailed alongside the release of its debut trailer.

Later, DICE reassured fans that a number of features missing from the recent Battlefield 2042 beta will be present in the final game.

The multiplayer-only title will support 128-player battles on Xbox Series X/S, PS5 and PC, while the Xbox One and PS4 versions will be capped at 64 players and include reduced map sizes.

In mid-September, EA delayed Battlefield 2042’s release date from October 22 to November 19.

However, players who choose to pre-order the Battlefield 2042 Gold and Ultimate editions will receive access to the game one week ahead of its general release.

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