Nintendo Will Reportedly Use $900 Million To Fund Game Development

In a recent earnings report, Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa has revealed that the company would be putting in a lofty $900 million fund into expanding its game development division. As reported by VGC, the Japanese gaming giant will also pour in similar amounts into its online services and other facets.

The Nintendo Switch has been a major success for the company, so much so that it has exceeded expectations. Furukawa said that a total of $880 million will go into expanding the company’s development division (presumably, most likely without any acquisitions), and $440 million will go into expanding properties into other media, such as movies and TV shows. Finally, over $2 billion will go into maintaining a better relationship with customers via Nintendo Accounts.

The financial period has been successful for Nintendo, as it reported a total of 92.87 million units of the Switch having shipped worldwide. While Nintendo has said that the global semiconductor shortage will affect supplies, the company expects the console to outsell the Nintendo Wii by the next fiscal year. Nintendo has also expanded the Switch Online services with support for N64 and Genesis games being added recently, and fans can expect similar improvements in the near future as well.

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