GTA Trilogy player discovers nightmare fuel visual glitch

A new bug with the GTA Remastered Trilogy plasters a giant, repeating face upon some waterside walls for a truly bizarre effect.

Earlier today, the clip below emerged through Twitter, where a user reports discovering a rather odd bug in the Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy - The Definitive Edition. In the clip, the user pulls alongside a wall in a boat, only to discover that there's actual faces clearly pasted along the surface.

It's definitely one of the weirder glitches out there, no matter how you look at it. Similarly, the replies underneath the original tweet by the player are dumbfounded as to how this bug could've actually come about, but among the comments is actually a lead programmer at Naughty Dog, and even he's still at a loss to explain the bug.

This is, unfortunately, hardly the only bug or glitch we've seen in the remastered GTA Trilogy since the collection first launched earlier this month. Just earlier today for example, a player discovered that by wiggling their car from side to side in GTA 3, they inadvertently expand the width of the car, until it takes up an entire two lanes on a highway.

There have also been extensive problems with the PC version of the remastered GTA Trilogy. Namely, the launch of the remastered bundle appeared to crash the Rockstar Launcher on PC, preventing anyone from playing the trilogy, but later on, the GTA Remastered Trilogy was pulled from sale after modders discovered files that weren't meant to be in the remastered package, including unlicensed music and San Andreas' controversial cut content.

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This has already been resolved in latest patch update.. one that came out before this article.

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