Beyond Good and Evil 2 Reportedly in Danger of Cancellation

Ubisoft's long-awaited sequel Beyond Good and Evil 2 is reportedly in danger of being canceled as a whole. The project, which has been teased by Ubisoft in multiple instances over the past decade, was formally announced to be in development back at E3 2017. And while the publisher has since continued to provide routine updates on the game since that time, it sounds like it could be getting scrapped in the future.

According to one Tom Henderson, who has been a reliable source of insider information with many titles in the past, those working on Beyond Good and Evil 2 feel like it's only "a matter of time" until the game ends up getting canceled. Henderson notes that many who are working on the project feel as though it is still lacking a "creative direction", which definitely isn't a good sign since it has been in development for such a long period of time. In addition, Henderson also notes that the project as a whole doesn't line up with much of what Ubisoft wants to do in the future, namely when it comes to live service implementations.

It's also worth noting that Michel Ancel, who was previously the director of Beyond Good and Evil 2, departed from Ubisoft late last year. Since that time, those who have continued to work on the game are said to be finding it incredibly difficult to continue to develop without Ancel's guidance. Previously, Ancel also served as the director of the original Beyond Good and Evil which launched almost 20 years ago.

While Henderson himself stresses that Beyond Good and Evil 2 is still very much being worked on at this point in time, it sounds as though this might not be true for much longer. And in a general sense, that wouldn't be too surprising. Not only has the project essentially been unseen in the over four years since its announcement, but the game was also one that looked far too ambitious in some respects. To see its development come to an end would surely be disappointing, but not all that shocking.

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I hope this gets rectified very soon

I was waiting for this to come out ffs

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