Halo Infinite Player Takes Out Wasp With Timed Power Cell Throw

343 Industries released the beta of Halo Infinite's multiplayer during the Xbox 20th anniversary celebrations, and fans are already making great plays. One Halo player even took out a Wasp with a perfectly time power cell throw.

Reddit user R1g0r_m0rt1z recently posted a clip from the Halo Infinite multiplayer open beta, in which they focused on an airborne Wasp. During the clip, R1g0r_m0rt1z's Halo Infinite multiplayer squad was tied with the enemy team one-for-one. In response, R1g0r_m0rt1z began firing wildly at an enemy Wasp in the sky above the map. R1g0r_m0rt1z unloaded a full magazine trying to shoot down the Wasp, but it was a Power Cell that gave them the edge over the Halo Infinite vehicle.

After unloading a clip into the sky without hitting the enemy Wasp, as if they were impacted by the Halo Infinite aim assist bug, R1g0r_m0rt1z propelled themselves into the sky using a Jump Pad immediately after grabbing a nearby Power Cell. Readying the Halo Infinite Power Cell for launch, R1g0r_m0rt1z focused their throw on the airborne Wasp while soaring through the sky. Upon reaching a greater height in the sky than the enemy teams' Wasp, R1g0r_m0rt1z threw the Power Cell with great force at the flying Wasp.

To R1g0r_m0rt1z's surprise, the Power Cell connected with the Wasp and destroyed it in a powerful explosion. After the R1g0r_m0rt1z Power Cell play, the Halo Infinite multiplayer fan was rewarded with assurances that their performance was incredible by a fellow Spartan in addition to Kong and Killjoy badges. The Halo Infinite player landed right next to another teammate who was being shot at by the Wasp at the conclusion of R1g0r_m0rt1z's clip.

Around the same time that R1g0r_m0rt1z prepared the Power Cell to be thrown, the voice-over stated another play someone made was terrifying to watch. Although the subtitles suggest that this was resulting from a Halo Infinite accolade, it seemingly also telegraphed R1g0r_m0rt1z's Power Cell throw. R1g0r_m0rt1z passively reacted to their successful throws by shaking their camera after the explosion, which was a celebrated expression with the Reddit community.

Halo Infinite has yet to fully release, but 343 Industries made the multiplayer accessible through an open beta, which is free for fans to try. 343 Industries continues to work to improve the Halo Infinite multiplayer as its official launch coincides with the release of Halo Infinite's campaign. The developer has already confirmed adjustments to Halo Infinite's Battle Pass after countless fans responded to it with criticism.

Halo Infinite releases for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S on December 8. You can also download the latest Halo Infinite Cheats from WeMod.

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