New Dragon Ball Video Game Announced

A new video game associated with the beloved Dragon Ball franchise has been announced by publisher Bandai Namco. The game in question happens to be called Dragon Ball: The Breakers, and is set to release at some point next year. While most games associated with the Dragon Ball series typically end up being action-focused to some degree, The Breakers seems like it will instead be much more similar to a title such as Dead by Daylight.

Dragon Ball: The Breakers is set to be an asymmetrical multiplayer game where seven players will take the role of survivors while one player will serve as the Raider. The Raider will be tasked with disposing of the survivors while those survivors will attempt to break out of the Temporal Seam that they're trapped within. As a whole, the Dragon Ball: The Breakers is confirmed to be arriving in 2022 and will be available on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC platforms.

"Caught in an unexpected temporal phenomenon, seven ordinary citizens find themselves stranded in a Temporal Seam: they share their imprisonment with the Raider, a menacing enemy from another timeline with an overwhelming power," says an official description of Dragon Ball: The Breakers from Bandai Namco. "Their only hope for survival is to break out from the Temporal Seam with the Super Time Machine, but the Raider is on their tracks and becomes stronger by the minute. In a race against time the cunning of Survivors clashes with the power of the Raider, to break free or be broken."

Although details are still pretty sparse on Dragon Ball: The Breakers, Bandai Namco has revealed that it will soon allow some fans to get their hands on the game prior to release. Specifically, a closed beta phase is set to transpire on PC at some point in the near future. Bandai Namco hasn't said when this beta will go live just yet, but we should start to hear more soon enough.

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