Metroid Dread Producer Teases Next Game

Metroid Dread is easily one of the Nintendo Switch's biggest games of 2021, and sales of the game seem pretty strong, thus far. However, after waiting 19 years between new series entries, fans can hardly be blamed for wondering what the future might hold. In an interview with CNET, producer Yoshio Sakamoto was asked about just that. And while Sakomoto feels that Metroid Dread has brought part of Samus' story to a close, the producer sounds hopeful about where things might go from here. He also seems to hint that he might have a part to play in that future, as well.

"As long as the character Samus exists, I think her adventure will continue," Sakamoto told CNET. "I feel that Samus should continue her adventure, and that's something that we would really need to put our best effort into. Metroid Dread does conclude the five-story arc that has been going on for 35 years. However, I feel that it's not the ultimate end. There should be something that is able to continue the franchise and the universe. So yes, as long as your character Samus is loved, I would like to do what I have to do."

Of course, Samus' adventures will continue in some form; Metroid Prime 4 was announced several years ago for Nintendo Switch, and Nintendo has confirmed the game is still in development. There are also rumors about a remaster of the first Metroid Prime. It's worth noting, though, that the Prime games exist as a side series, with all four taking place between the first two Metroid games. That means it could be a little while before we find out what happens to Samus following the events of Metroid Dread.

Hopefully, Nintendo won't keep fans waiting too long! Metroid has never been one of the company's best-sellers, but the Switch's success has resulted in strong sales for a number of unlikely games. Perhaps that means Samus, and Sakomoto, will get to shine in another game soon.

Metroid Dread is available now, exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

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