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Game Walkthroughs & Guides (1,287) NEW

Within this section you submit and find walkthroughs and guides for games regardless of their platform. This section to perfect for designed to hold game guides, walkthroughs, strategy guides and solutions.

Graphics Tutorials (77)

Everything you need to know about Photoshop, GIMP and other Graphic design software can be found within this section Learn tips and tricks on how to use Photoshop for photo editing, manipulations, designs, and more

Mobile Devices (335)

This area covers everything to do with mobile devices like iOS and Android. You will find Rooting and Jailbreak tutorials within this section as well as game modding and cheats for mobile devices. Have something useful? submit it to this area to share it

Nintendo Tutorials (81) NEW

This is the place for all your Nintendo needs the tutorials within this area cover the Nintendo Switch, Wii Wii U and many more Nintendo consoles and handhelds.

PC Tutorials (625)

This area is all about the PC you can find tutorials for Windows related questions, programming tutorials, networking and PC game modding walkthroughs and guides.

PlayStation 3 Tutorials (1,778)

Everything PlayStation 3 is here you can find Homebrew, Game Modding and guides to make your experience better. This area also covers the installation of Custom Firmware (CFW) for the PlayStation 3 console.

PlayStation 4 Tutorials (2,023)

The home of everything PlayStation 4. This section covers game modding tutorials all the way to walkthroughs and guides for PS4 trophies, Save Wizard Tutorials and more.

Video Game Cheat Codes (1,191)

This area is all about nostalgia here you will find all the cheat codes for games on classic consoles from the PlayStation 1 and PlayStation 2 to the Nintendo 64, Dreamcast, Xbox and The Nintendo handhelds the Gameboy and Gameboy advance.

Xbox 360 Tutorials (7,409)

TTG's Xbox 360 Tutorials area is most famous for its walkthroughs and guides on JTAG and RGH Modded Xbox 360 consoles. But you can also find achievement guides and much more within this section.

Xbox One Tutorials (3,162)

Everything for the Xbox One can be found in this area you will find endless walkthroughs and guides, Xbox One Homebrew via Dev Mode Tutorials. You will also find basic Game Modding tutorials for the Xbox One via Play anywhere.