Humankind’s Steam modding tools have arrived in beta

Modding tools for historical 4X game Humankind have arrived on Steam at long last, hot on the heels of the Fabius Maximus update. The beta version of the tools can be found in the Tools category of the Steam library if you own Humankind on that platform. Once it’s installed, you can set to work changing the rules, adding tweaks, or potentially adding all new content to Amplitude’s latest strategy game.

The developer stresses that the tools are currently unfinished, and that some functionality has not yet been added into the beta version that’s available now on Steam. “You may run into errors while making mods or playing with them,” the studio says, adding that mod users should be careful to make sure mods are compatible with each other before trying to run multiple mods at a time.

Humankind’s modding system is integrated with, so you can head to the Humankind page there to select, activate, and manage your mods. Once you’ve subscribed to mods on, you can launch Humankind, navigate to the mods menu, and checking the tick box beside the mods you want to use.

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