Xbox Game Demos Leaked

As part of The Game Awards 2021, Xbox users will have the opportunity to download some brand-new video game demos, and some of them have leaked ahead of time. WalkingCat on Twitter has revealed two games that have "TGA21" demo pages on the Microsoft Store: Mind Scanners and Nobody Saves the World. The respective pages for both of these demos indicate that they are not actually available for download just yet, but players interested in checking out the two games will be happy to know that there will be a free way to do just that in the near future.

WalkingCat's Tweet revealing the Mind Scanners demo can be found embedded below.

Mind Scanners is billed as a "retro-futuristic psychiatry simulation in which you diagnose the citizens of a dystopian metropolis." True to that description, the game offers an art style heavily inspired by old-school ideas of the future, and it works quite well. Players in the game will be tasked with analyzing the minds of patients, diagnosing the problems, and "normalizing" them. The whole thing has a bleak cyberpunk feel, and it will be interesting to see whether the game can live up to its unique premise!

Nobody Saves the World, on the other hand, is an action RPG where players can turn into more than 15 different forms, including a dragon, a ghost, and a slug. The game is developed by Drinkbox Studios, best known for the critically-acclaimed Guacamelee. The game can be enjoyed as a single-player experience, but it will also offer two-player online co-op, as well.

Both of these games look like fun additions to the Xbox line-up! With The Game Awards 2021 set to air on December 9th, players shouldn't have to wait too much longer to try these demos for themselves. They just might introduce some gamers to a new favorite!

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