Insiders Claim Halo Infinite's Multiplayer Is Launching November 15

Several insiders are claiming that Halo Infinite's multiplayer will be launching on November 15.

Thanks to the multiple technical flights, we've seen for ourselves that Halo Infinite's multiplayer is in a pretty finished state. However, if several insiders are correct, then it might be even further along than we thought and could release as early as this upcoming Monday.

Several Xbox insider accounts started sharing the news today that they've heard that Halo Infinite's multiplayer portion is going to be launching on November 15, almost a full month before the current release date of December 8. These rumours gained more credibility after Nibel retweeted NateTheHate2's tweet announcing the news.

NateTheHate2 said, "What better way to celebrate the anniversary of the Xbox than with a birthday surprise. I can independently confirm & share with you today that Halo Infinite multiplayer will be made available on Monday, November 15. Suit up, Spartans", which Nibel retweeted. It's not clear if Nibel is retweeting because they've heard the same thing, or if it's just to show what others are saying, but it does add some weight to the claim.

Also adding some credibility to the claim is the timing. November 15 is the 20th anniversary of the original Xbox, which means that it's also the 20th anniversary for Halo as it was a launch title for the console. Xbox is planning an event on November 15 to celebrate the anniversary, which would make it a perfect time to announce the multiplayer being available a month before the single-player.

Considering its free-to-play status makes Halo Infinite's multiplayer pretty separate from the campaign, it makes sense that Xbox could choose to release it on its own before the full game. Not only does it allow for more testing time and time for the servers to be straightened out before the full game's launch, but it would give the 20th-anniversary event a big bit of news to celebrate with.

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