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When the Epic Games Store launched in December 2018 to be a direct competitor to the digital games store monopoly held by Steam, many were skeptical about the new storefront’s ability to succeed. Not only did many gamers take umbrage with Epic’s tactic of signing exclusivity deals with multiple development studios, but the website didn’t offer many of the quality-of-life features people had grown used to. The Epic Games Store had no wish list, shopping cart, or public review system, and none of the games had achievements.

While some gamers don’t care about achievements one way or the other, being able to track one’s progress through a game can add replay value to a title, and earning a visual indicator to display online provides many players with the incentive to return to particular storefronts. So when Epic announced in October that a storewide achievement system would be launching on the site, this was exciting news for many. The system is rolling out a little at a time, because developers need to implement the new feature themselves, and Epic has not yet provided a comprehensive list of which games now include achievements.

The achievement system launched in games like Hades, Rocket League, Pillars of Eternity, and The Game Awards 2021 nominee Kena: Bridge of Spirits. But tracking which additional titles on the Epic Games Store have implemented achievements has been left up to the gaming community, and Reddit has become a repository for people to share this information. Some recent additions to the list are Kingdom: Come Deliverance, Merchant of the Skies, Crying Suns, Among Us, Absolute Drift, and Football Manager 2022.

To date, the list of titles on the Epic Games Store with achievements enabled is rather short. And since Epic has chosen to not make this information readily available, the only way to know for sure if a game has achievements is to look at each individual game’s page on the site. One Reddit user called toloba has been updating a Google Docs spreadsheet that everyone can view. And that tracker has fewer than 20 games listed as having achievements so far.

The Epic Games Store achievement system divides accomplishments into four tiers: bronze, silver, gold, and platinum. Each tier rewards a different range of experience points, with the first three totaling 750 XP and the platinum achievement earning 250 XP. This means that each game is capped at 1,000 experience points. Users can track their progress by going directly to the game’s achievements page on the Epic Games Store or by looking in their library from the Epic Games Store Launcher.

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