Sea of Thieves is Giving Out a Halo-Themed Spartan Ship Set for Free

Halo Infinite’s free-to-play multiplayer component shadow dropped on the day of Xbox’s 20th anniversary. To celebrate the launch of this highly anticipated title, Rare’s online naval adventure Sea of Thieves is giving out a free set of cosmetic items to all its players.

As shared by the game’s official Twitter, those who log in to the game between now and December 1, 8 AM GMT will get a free Spartan ship set. The cosmetic features the same green colour found in Master Chief’s Spartan suit, as well as a masthead of the Master Chief himself at the ship’s bow.

Sea of Thieves has been growing stronger and stronger as of late, with a constant influx of both new players and new content. The game also received an expansion called A Pirate’s Life earlier this year, featuring none other than Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean. Last month, Rare announced that Sea of Thieves had garnered a total of over 25 million players since its launch.

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