Farming Simulator 22 Has More Players Than Battlefield 2042 on Steam

Battlefield 2042 is one of the biggest game releases of 2021. The multiplayer first-person shooter has been highly anticipated due to its 128-player matches and the new Portal custom game functionality. On PC, however, Battlefield 2042 is struggling to make an impact. That's not to say it isn't doing well, but other PC titles released over the past two weeks are finding more success. One example is another recently-launched annual iteration of a popular franchise, Farming Simulator 22.

Farming Simulator 22 was officially released on November 22, about one week ago and three days after Battlefield 2042's arrival. The farming game adds new features, including support for mulching and stone picking, and also a character creation system. However, it's largely similar to past Farming Simulator titles; it just does exactly what its player base expects and it does it well. That's why on Steam, Farming Simulator 22 is seeing concurrent player counts around twice as large as Battlefield 2042.

According to Steam's publically-shared player count for Sunday, November 28, Farming Simulator 22 peaked at around 94,744 concurrent players, while Battlefield 2042's peak concurrent player count was 52,524. This isn't really a drop in players for Battlefield 2042, either. After an initial spike on November 19, the game typically holds around 50 thousand concurrent players. Similarly, Farming Simulator 22's daily peaks have held surprisingly even near 100 thousand players.

These numbers are reflected in Steam's weekly sales chart, too. Farming Simulator 22 holds the top position in the chart, outselling all other games. Battlefield 2042 sold the second largest number of copies over the past week. On Steam, Farming Simulator 22 reigns supreme.

To be fair to Battlefield 2042, there are some details worth acknowledging. For one, Battlefield 2042 is also available on other PC storefronts; it's not exclusive to Steam, as it's available not just on the Epic Games Store, but also on EA's Origin platform where it's included in the company's EA Play Pro subscription. The numbers for Battlefield 2042 are likely larger than what Steam is showing, though it's unlikely to reach Farming Simulator 22's heights. Farming Simulator 22 is, notably, also on other PC storefronts.

Farming Simulator 22 also deserves a huge amount of credit for what it achieved, as this is more of a Farming Simulator 22 story than a Battlefield 2042 story. That's because Farming Simulator 22 has smashed the franchise record for concurrent players on Steam. Previously, the record was held by Farming Simulator 19, which had 59 thousand concurrent players. This makes Farming Simulator 22's peak of 105 thousand truly incredible.

Farming Simulator 22 and Battlefield 2042 are both available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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