GTA Trilogy's Rain Is Giving Fans a Headache

GTA Trilogy has some well-documented graphical bugs and glitches, but the rain is one of the standouts. This clip from GTA San Andreas perhaps shows it off best, as it essentially resembles white streaks all over the screen. To make matters worse, the rain doesn’t hit any pools of water, so you get a strange, eye-bleeding effect.

In the original GTA San Andreas on the PS2, the rain is rendered in the same way, although the low-resolution, hazy presentation enforced by technical limitations gives it a more granular, grainy look – and thus it actually better resembles real-world rain. This is an example of where porting the original code but presenting it at a higher resolution actually ruins the visuals.

Another issue that fans have spotted is in the form of spelling mistakes. It seems that Grove Street Games has used an AI upscaler to recreate original assets at a higher resolution, but because some the characters in the original art is unclear, it’s resulted in all kinds of errors. Here are some examples:

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The rain is so atrocious in the SA. It makes it almost impossible to see when it is downpouring soo hard. I'm having fun the game, but I could have just replayed SA from 2004 and gotten more enjoyment with mods...

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