Free Halo-Themed DLC Sails Into Sea Of Thieves

Halo is coming to Sea of Thieves. That’s not to say you’ll be able to sail around the world as Master Chief, but you will at least be able to have Master Chief lead the way as your ship’s figurehead.

In celebration of Xbox’s 20th anniversary and to honor Halo Infinite’s impending launch, Sea of Thieves is hosting a Halo crossover with some themed cosmetics. The Noble Spartan Salls will display your general dislike of aliens with an appropriately piratical symbol, while the Spartan Ship Set will swab your deck in Master Chief’s characteristic olive drab colors.

And of course, Master Chief will be with you in spirit as your ship’s figurehead. And he seems to have a lot more hair than I remember.

You can claim the Spartan Ship Set for free starting November 24 at 12 AM GMT to December 1 at 4 PM GMt. The Noble Spartan Sails and Flag will be available on December 1 at 12 AM right up until Halo Infinite’s launch day on December 8 at 4 PM.

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