PlayStation Plus Free Game for December Possibly Discovered

One of the free PlayStation Plus games for the month of December may have been discovered. That's right, discovered, not leaked. It's going to be another week or two before Sony officially announces December's free PlayStation Plus games. Some months, these games leak ahead of time. So far, this hasn't happened, but obviously, there's still plenty of time for this to change. In the meantime, an astute observation may have actually revealed one of these forthcoming free games.

A new theory points out that Sony has been releasing each month's free PlayStation Plus games on the first Tuesday of each month. If this pattern holds, then December's free games will release on December 7. And this is important to note because the game in question releases on December 7.

A few times this year, the PlayStation Plus free games lineup has included brand new releases dropping that day. Each time this has happened, it's involved a game that Sony has helped market, whether it's by giving it a State of Play slot or promoting it on the PlayStation Blog. The other common denominator has been all of the games have been smaller releases and have been console exclusives or outright exclusives. Do you know what game ticks all of these boxes? Heavenly Bodies.

Today, developer 2pt Interactive announced Heavenly Bodies will release on December 7 via the PC, PS4, and PS5. There was no word of it being a free PlayStation Plus game -- and there wouldn't be -- but right now it's certainly a possibility it will be exactly this.

"Discover the ever-changing nuances of weightless motion in this challenging physics game," reads an official blrub about the game. "Wrangle control of your cosmonaut's arms with the left and right thumbsticks to push, pull, and clamber through fully physically simulated scenarios aboard a scientific research station."

The game's official description continues:

"You have been entrusted to bring into operation Earth's proudest feat of engineering. With only radio contact with mission control as your aid, you will have to use your sharp mind and dexterous limbs to assemble space telescopes, maintain delicate solar arrays and research cosmic botany. But without gravity, nothing is still, nothing is secure, and nothing is simple. At first you might fumble in the vastness of space, but in time you will grasp weightless motion with grace."

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I seriously hope they are better games for December,
than they were for November (which were not to my taste)

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