Valheim Update Surprises Players With New Content

A new Valheim update is live alongside official patch notes that reveal and detail everything that developer Iron Gate Studio has fixed, improved, and added courtesy of Patch 0.205.5. The update is notably on the smaller side, but it does come with new content and tease what sounds like a larger future update.

"We noticed that some items tended to auto-stack and disappear in multiplayer, and we're happy to say that the responsible fulings have finally been caught and dealt with," writes Iron Gate Studio of the update. "For this patch, we've also adjusted the music volume in the Swamps, which was a bit lower than the rest. And just in time too, since we think some of you will spend a bit more time there in the near future..."

Below, you can check out the complete and official patch notes for the update, courtesy of the game's Steam page:

Bug fixes:
Fixed network issue when picking up items that just auto-stacked
Location music transition fixes
Swamps music volume tweak
Some player animation transition fixes
Monsters wakes up if hit by a ranged attack
Jump animation issue fixed

Console command auto-complete help

Added new armor set
Something stirs in the swamps

At the moment of publishing, it's unclear how big the file size of the update is, which means it's also unclear how long it will take to download. What we can say confidently is the file size will be on the smaller side because the patch notes are on the smaller side, or at least that's how these things usually play out.

Valheim is available via the PC, and right now, only the PC.

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