343 Industries Reportedly Working on Another Game Besides Infinite

343 Industries is on the verge of releasing what is probably its biggest and most important game ever, with Halo Infinite not far away from launch, but it seems the developer has other irons in the fire as well. As spotted by Pure Xbox, in the recent Xbox Two podcast, journalist Jez Corden of Windows Central claimed that 343 Industries is working on another game besides Halo Infinite that hasn’t yet been announced, though did not elaborate further.

Of course, developers having two projects in the works at the same time is far from uncommon, and it doesn’t come as a surprise that one of Microsoft’s biggest first party studios has got multiple things going as well. The question, of course, is what this new project could be, and whether it will be another new Halo game, or something else entirely.

Chances are that it’ll be the former. Job listings have been suggesting for over a year that 343 Industries has another new Halo game in development besides Infinite, though what that could be is anyone’s best guess at this point. Many will be hoping that the studio is working on Halo Wars 3, but at least as of earlier this year, the developer claimed to have no plans for the same.

Of course, Halo Infinite is being billed as a live service that, if things go to plan, 343 Industries will be working on for several years following launch, so if the developer does have another new Halo game coming up, it’ll be interesting to see how it balances both.

Halo Infinite, meanwhile, is launching on December 8 for Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC.

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