GTA Trilogy Seemingly Has An Unfinished VR Mode

The GTA Trilogy - Definitive Edition seemingly has an unfinished VR mode in its code.

If you're keeping even the slightest eye on the GTA Trilogy, you probably don't need to be told that it's had a rough launch. From glitched models and spelling errors to awful weather effects, it's been so bad that Rockstar has even had to issue a statement apologising for its launch condition and a promise that updates are on the way.

Although that first patch may have launched to mixed results, GTA players have managed to find something pretty interesting in the game's code that shows a feature we haven't seen before - VR.

RockstarINTEL head editor Ben Walker Tweeted out a video showcasing the feature in action. In the clip, he is seen controlling CJ in San Andreas, before moving into a first-person view. The camera is a little wobbly, almost as if it's supposed to be compensated by head movement of some kind.

Alongside the clip, Ben said, "There is a debug Unreal command for GTA VR but it looks a little bit unfinished. Maybe it would be cool if they implemented this as a first-person option? It plays pretty well. Gunfights and punching will need tweaking, would be super cool for screenshots!"

The camera angle resembles GTA 5's own first-person mode, but the fact that it's accessed through entering GTA.VR.1 in a debug menu implies that it's not just a perspective change. However, the fact that it can only be accessed through the use of mods and a debug menu makes it pretty clear that it wasn't expected to be found by players.

It's especially interesting when you remember that it was recently announced that San Andreas would be coming to the Oculus Quest 2. Whether this is some kind of testing ground for that, or simply a first-person mode that is used for testing and can be used with VR is unknown, but it's cool to see something a bit more positive from the trilogy.

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