Xbox Is Sending 20th Anniversary Gifts To Some Fans

Xbox recently celebrated its 20th anniversary with a ton of gifts and surprises for fans. Now it seems that fans are directly getting gifts delivered to their doorfronts from the brand as well.

Some fans have been getting gift boxes at random, which contain a bunch of goodies- a 12 month subscription of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, a Halo Elite Wireless Controller Series 2, and a small statue with an engraving of Xbox’s 20th anniversary logo, and the gamertag of the receiver. Finally, there’s also a thank you note of sorts, which further suggests that the gifts are given in a random fashion.

Xbox also recently added over 70 games to the Xbox backwards compatibility library, although it has also been confirmed they are the last batch of games to be added, and that no more FPS boost titles are planned in the near future. Halo Infinite‘s free to play multiplayer component was also made available to fans less than a month before its release in celebration of Xbox’s 20th anniversary, which also happened to be Halo’s 20th anniversary.

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