Halo Infinite's Campaign Opening Detailed In New Video

We are less than a month away from Halo Infinite's launch, which will bring us a single-player campaign and free-to-play multiplayer. Fans have been able to get a look at the multiplayer aspects in the various beta tests 343 has performed since September, and now we're getting our first good look at Halo Infinite's campaign since last month's overview teaser.

This latest video comes courtesy of Game Informer, who managed to snag 343 long enough to watch the first few moments of Halo Infinite's campaign. You get a good look at the game's combat pacing as well as several great examples of the grapple shot in action, where it's used to unbalance grunts to get past their shields and grapple into an Elite for a quick melee kill. You can also use the grapple shot to grab objects or just traverse around the map, which was highlighted in one of Halo Infinite's previous tech demos.

Game Informer's Matt Miller said that the campaign really "nailed something about the feel of Halo combat as it felt like back in the old days of the early games." There's a lot of scavenging for weapons while bashing your way through a Banished base, but there's also some changes there too. He hinted that you don't necessarily need to approach each combat scenario as a frontal assault. Some subtlety might make things both easier in terms of combat and finding some unlockables, like the Spartan Tokens needed to upgrade Master Chief's abilities.

Some new equipment was shown, such as the Bulldog Shotgun, Stalker Rifle, and Threat Sensor, which was said to become an extremely useful tool for the campaign's later stages. We'll find out more when additional videos get posted in the coming weeks.

343 Industries has been working hard on Halo Infinite's campaign, up to and including working under "shutdown" conditions over the summer. This basically meant that there was no new campaign info until the overview presentation last month. Meanwhile, details have been spilling out about Halo Infinite's multiplayer, such as how the paid Battle Pass will just be $10. You can also download the latest Halo Infinite Cheats from WeMod.

Halo Infinite launches on PC and Xbox on December 8.

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