The Tech Game: January 2023

Horizon Forbidden West Multiplayer Footage Allegedly Leaked55464
The Crew Motorfest Officially Confirmed By Ubisoft55485
Minecraft Update Adds New Armor Feature54373.7
Warzone 2.0 Survey Suggests Verdansk Could Return84454
Steam Reportedly Getting Classic PS1, PS2, and PS3 Games91,1043
Rumor: Diablo 4 Release Date Could Get Pushed Back63194.7
The Day Before Developer Denies Scamming Allegations105794.5
Phil Spencer "More Confident Now" About Activision Acquisition74953.5
Hogwarts Legacy Shows Off Hippogriff95693.5
Nintendo Gives Switch Users New Warning About Console55754.5
The Last of Us: Xbox Boss Phil Spencer Praises HBO Series84503.5
Hogwarts Legacy Support Studio Now Working With Guerrilla Games63262.3
Starfield Rumor Warns Game Is in "Rough Shape"84304.5
PlayStation boss Jim Ryan reportedly met EU antitrust72924
Far Cry 7 & a standalone multiplayer game are reportedly in the works63534
Xbox Boss Breaks Silence on Future of Halo63133.5
Forza Motorsport release date may have been delayed, it’s been claimed72204.5
GoldenEye re-release studio claims issues are ‘authentic’ to the N6453664
Street Fighter 6 – Blanka and JP Fight in New Developer Match Gameplay54424.5
Elden Ring – FromSoftware is Working on a “Huge” Expansion53894
Forspoken PC Port Has Some Major Problems52733
Hogwarts Legacy Will Take 40 Hours to Beat, 100+ Hours to 100%43864.3
Skate 4 Won’t Have Paid Loot Boxes, EA Reiterates52864.5
God of War Rival Game Canceled By Obsidian42124
Twitch Viewers Will Be Able to "Snooze" Ads in 202357564.3
Hogwarts Legacy Won't Feature A Morality System For Player Actions84124.3
Epic Games Store’s next free titles have been confirmed44084
GRID Legends Leads Xbox Game Pass Additions For February63024
DualSense Edge has a smaller battery than the standard DualSense43063.7
Modern Warfare 2 Confirms UI Overhaul Coming With Season 253754.3
FaZe Clan At Risk Of Being Delisted From NASDAQ119804.5
Minecraft Legends Gets Release Date and New Trailer74524.8
Valorant To Receive Team Deathmatch Mode This Year53144.3
Skate 4 Beta Reportedly Features Loot Boxes53923.6
Football Manager 2023 Launches for PS5 on February 172244.3
Xbox confirms it will ‘return to LA’ with a summer showcase this year62893.8
New PlayStation Patent Would Punish Toxic Players and Reward Others94564
Dead Space’s New Game Plus Will Feature a Secret Ending62754.3
The Sims 4 and other EA games return to Steam Deck thanks to Valve54893.5
Atomic Heart Has Gone Gold62924.8
PS6 Has Been Discussed More Than PS5 Pro, Claims Insider52903.8
Xbox gaming revenue fell by 13% during the holiday quarter62283.5
Microsoft says Xbox monthly active users hit a record 120 million53504.3
Spotify confirms layoffs, to let go of 6% of workforce55883.8
Forspoken Is ‘Unrecognizable’ From Its Original Pitch – Report53913.5
Gears 6 and Remastered Collection Leak Debunked by Xbox83374.3
U.S. Senator Introducing Bill to Ban TikTok Nationwide72833
Fallout 76 To Remove Illegal Mods From Player's Weapons53414.3
The Day Before Delayed 9 Months For Bizarre Reason65814.3
Forspoken Adds Playable Demo To PC Platforms53863.8
WWE 2K23 Officially Unveiled, Launches in March54294.3
Pokemon Scarlet and Violet DLC Teased by Leaker56464.3
Life Is Strange 2 Switch Port Announced For February62714
Original Pokemon Yellow Copy Worth $10,000 Ruined By US Customs99224
Sony Files Patent for Recording VR Gameplay52243.5
Respawn’s New Star Wars Game May Include Multiplayer83084
Ubisoft Reportedly Developing The Crew 372893.8
The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR Delayed to March 16th51724.3
Mass Effect 2’s Lead Writer Mac Walters Leaves BioWare52194.8
SteamWorld Build Announced for Consoles and PC, Launches in 202363844.3
Microsoft has subpoenaed PlayStation for its defence against FTC97844.3
Forspoken: In Tanta We Trust DLC Receives Short New Gameplay Clip56694
Special Edition PlayStation 5 Controller Sent Out To Employees74044
Forspoken's Final Boss Fight Leaks Ahead Of Release52814
Session: Skate Sim Coming To Nintendo Switch This March63734.8
Perfect Dark Development Has “Hit a Road Bump or Two”53544.8
Sonic Co-Creator Shares Early Art From Before Sonic Was A Hedgehog65214
Forza Motorsport 8 will have 500 new cars, and 4K 60FPS environments77014.5
Modern Warfare 2's Second Season Is Bringing Back Hardcore Mode63004
Redfall Launches May 2, Showcases Extended Gameplay Deep Dive53154.8
Nintendo Is Increasing Switch Production To Prepare For Zelda63694
Rumor: Gears Ultimate Collection and Gears 6 Logos Leaked53924.8
Riot says League of Legends source code has been stolen54363.3
Skull and Bones No Longer Available for Purchase on PlayStation Store64203
New Screenshots From Stalker 2 Show Off Its Jaw-Dropping Visuals43634
Street Fighter 6 Reveals Theme for Newcomer Marisa42354.3
343 Industries Proclaims Commitment To Halo Despite Layoffs42723.7
Some Destiny 2 Players Want a Ping System72944.3
Major GTA Online Exploit Finally Addressed by Rockstar Games99064
Rocket League Banwave Cracks Down on Bots74814.3
FIFA 23 Unveils Team Of The Year Squad53493.8
Halo Veteran Joseph Staten Reportedly Leaving 343 Industries52844.5
Blizzard Survey Hints At Warcraft 3 Reforged "Soft Relaunch"53093.8
Twitch streamer completes Metal Gear Solid 2 with a dance pad52294
Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty Expansion Size Teased55084
Phil Spencer tells Xbox employees layoffs were ‘painful’42774
Riot Games Target of Cyber Attack, League of Legends Updates Delayed55684
Halo Infinite Campaign DLC Rumors Clarified By Insiders53153
Sea of Thieves Update Reduces PvP Queue Times, Kicks Off New PvE52313.3
Like A Dragon: Ishin! Reveals Over 10 Mini Games In New Trailer54004
Battlefield 2042 Brings Back Classes Later This Month64724.5
GTA Online Report Warns Fans Not to Play or Risk Losing Account37444
Crystal Dynamics confirms end of Marvel’s Avengers later this year53823.6
Destiny 2: Lightfall Raid Goes Live on March 10th54225
Call of Duty: Warzone 2 Making Changes to Loot54244
The Callisto Protocol Update Adds New Game Plus Mode53393.8
Windows 10 downloads will soon bite the dust65794.3
GTA The Trilogy - The Definitive Edition Released on Steam Deck54573.5
Rocket League Banwave Cracks Down on Bots52904.5
New Tomb Raider Game May Be Revealed Soon53594
Google is laying off 12,000 employees65424.3
Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Preview: Full of Spirit52433.8
Call of Duty: Warzone 2 Players Ecstatic Over Season 2 Gulag Change75293.6
Age of Wonders 4 Announced for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, Out May 252754.1
Forspoken Receives Explosive New Launch Trailer62174
The Witcher 3 Patch in 'Final Stages', Should Release Soon63834.1
Stadia Exclusive Gunsport Has Been Unconventionally Preserved55303.7
After a year delay, EA’s PGA Tour has a release date52434
The Epic Games Store’s next free title has been confirmed73343.9
Xbox, Bethesda Employees Included in Significant Microsoft Layoffs54754.6
Former Halo developers criticise Microsoft for 343 Industries layoffs44853.9
Nintendo Reportedly Begun Negotiations for Switch Successor54993.7
Halo Infinite Developer Faces Major Shakeups, Loses Creative Director42033.7
Marvel's Midnight Suns Releases Deadpool DLC Teaser43103.7
Call of Duty: Warzone 2 Season 2 Delayed74544
Ubisoft Cancels Project Q52544.3
Detroit: Become Human Crosses 8 Million Units Sold42053.7
Steam Replay Data Can Now Be Added to Your Profile44123.6
Returnal Releases February 15 On PC43134.1
Red Dead Online with 6,000 hours on Stadia sent gift from Rockstar64874.3
Motorsport Games Threatened With Source Code Leak Over Unpaid Wages54584
Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Sells Over 5 Million Units Worldwide63364.1
Sons of the Forest Developer Reveals Absurd Size of Game's Map68034.7
Dead Island 2 Trailers Detail Three More Playable Slayers53703.9
Nintendo Switch Beats PS5 As Best-Selling Console Of The Year Again54824.4
Crash Team Rumble Release Date Possibly Leaked57103.9
Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty – New Gameplay Showcases Chapter 254353.9
New Ghost Recon Game Reportedly in Development at Ubisoft53054
Remnant: From the Ashes Announced for Nintendo Switch54173.6
Atomic Heart Will Prioritize Constant 60FPS Over 4K On Consoles53264.3
Anno 1800 Console Release Date Announced52603.9
Hogwarts Legacy Has Mini-Games That Teach Spells44014.3
343 Industries Will No Longer Make Halo Games - Report108393.4
Destiny 2: Lightfall Trailer Showcases Neomuna’s Sleek Environments65014.3
Games with Gold: Autonauts is now free to claim on Xbox42754.3
Blizzard is blaming NetEase for its games going offline in China43023.6
Dead Space Remake Making Helpful Quality of Life Change43353.7
GTA Online Adds Long Awaited Feature and Taxi Business44383.7
Silent Hill 2 Remake Won't Have Any New Enemies42494
New PlayStation Commercial Shows Sony Is Leaving PS4 Behind43213.9
10 Percent Of The French Population Owns A Switch52814.3
Black Myth: Wukong Will Remain a Myth Until Summer 202441994.3
Starfield Release Date Reportedly Delayed43894.1
Modern Warfare 2 Sales Beat Vanguard By 73% in Europe53443.8
Xbox, Bethesda Employees Included in Significant Microsoft Layoffs56444.4
Konami Makes Open Invitation For Devs To Pitch Silent Hill Projects43634
Skyblivion Developers Promise 2025 Release Date "At The Latest"63344
Hogwarts Legacy Won’t Support Cross-Platform Saves64233.8
Microsoft faces EU antitrust warning over Activision deal44424
Google Stadia has officially shut down44904.6
Lost Ark is "actively working" on reversing "false bans"52983
Fortnite Dataminer Gives First Look At Fortnite's Unreal Editor43794.8
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is officially 2022's best-selling game75464.4
Forspoken Player Spends 40-50 Hours Playing Demo To Hit The Level Cap43363.8
Awesome Games Done Quick 2023 Raises Over $2.6 Million for Charity43294
WWE 2K23 Will Reportedly Be Announced Later This Month44934.8
Callisto Protocol reportedly hasn’t met publisher sales expectations53133.6
Modern Warfare 2 spawns can see you die twice in one killcam86614.8
Atomic Heart Continues to Look Explosive in Leaked Gameplay Footage44254.3
New Update May Reveal When Starfield Is Releasing42383.8
Beyond Good and Evil 2 Development is “Underway,” Ubisoft Reassures42244
PlayStation Will Reportedly Announce Some 3rd-Party Projects Very Soon63363.6
Forspoken Will Require Over 87 GB of Storage Space on PS564203.6
Lies of P 8K Gameplay Trailer Showcases Souls-Like Combat54903.8
PS5 with Detachable Disc Drive Won’t Have Major Hardware Changes44074
Warzone 2 Has Reportedly Seen A Drastic Decrease In Players65023.8
Platinum Games Reportedly Working With Xbox To Revive Scalebound42484.2
PS5 Report Warns New Update May Freeze Your Console34293.6
Microsoft Devs Are Getting "Unlimited" Time Off37904
Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Reveals First Look at Orange Piccolo46404
Logan Paul Promises $1.3 Million In Refunds Over NFT Game74694
Gamers Warn Against Buying UNO for Switch55623.8
Epic Games Store's First Big Free Game of 2023 Leaked Early61,0064.8
Ex-Apple Exec Ben King Joins PlayStation To Lead Its Digital Business43963.8
Google Stadia Controller is Getting an Update to Enable Bluetooth43583.5
Nvidia and Google have expressed concerns over Activision deal54823.5
Hogwarts Legacy Includes 60 FPS Performance Mode76173.8
PS5 Reportedly Locking Major Feature Behind PS Plus34864.8
Dead Space Remake Trailer Reveals Isaac Clarke's New Face55694.3
Redfall Will Launch on May 2, More Leakers Claim33153.6
Skull And Bones Say New Release Date Will Be Revealed "Very Soon"64203.5
Cyberpunk 2077 Store Listing Suggests It May Hit Xbox Game Pass Soon65624
Long Lost Wii U Game Finally Releasing via Nintendo Switch56053.3
The Division 2 is now available through Steam42824.3
PS5 With Detachable Disc-Drive Is Said To Be “A New Console Entirely”44824.3
Forspoken's Huge File Size, Pre-Load Date Revealed43754
Sons of the Forest Adds Major Gameplay Upgrade46424
Hogwarts Legacy PC Requirements Revealed67784.5
Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Next-Gen Update Delayed for Xbox45283.8
Dead Space Remake’s Map Will be Presented in 2D, Unlike the Original43994.3
Hitman Freelancer Receives New Cinematic Trailer43543.3
Call of Duty: Warzone 2 Player Count is Dropping53424
Gears of War Remastered Collection Rumored to Still Be in the Works55144.2
The Epic Games Store’s next free title has been revealed33323.8
Ubisoft Share Price Drops 13.79 Percent, Hits Seven-Year Low53224.5
Ubisoft Acquisition Was “Laughed At” By Other Companies – Report43763.8
Saudi Arabia has increased its stake in Nintendo53744.5
Leak reveals when iPhone could get under-display Face ID55773.5
Placing PS5 Upright Likely Won't Cause Any Damage Despite Reports54624.3
Ubisoft Developer Says Achievements and Trophies Are "Bad for Gaming"65143.6
Ubisoft+ Could Launch On Xbox Soon According To Store Activity43034.3
Mortal Kombat 2 Leak Taken Down43244
Google Announces Exact Time for Stadia Shutdown on January 1822203.5
Ubisoft Has a “Large” Unannounced Premium Game Launching in 2023-2432124
Rocket League Confirm There Are Trained AI Bots Cheating In Ranked86434
Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora Has Been in Production For 5 Years43654
Microsoft Claims Xbox Will Be First 'Carbon Aware' Console43844
Microsoft-Activision Deal Likely To Get Delayed Due To FTC Hearings43394
Starfield Event Announced by Xbox43724
Forspoken Will Include Controversial Denuvo DRM43405
Ubisoft Delays Skull & Bones Again44104.5
Rumor: Twitter Could Be Developing a New Awards Feature63723.7
YouTube Demonetizes More Gaming Videos Following RTGames' Restrictions56714
Former Forza Horizon Devs Now Making A Triple-A Open-World Game52734
Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope Sold Below Expectations, Ubisoft Says52304.4
Modder Makes Bizarre Fusion of GBA and DS44934.5
Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Bardock DLC Launch Trailer Teases Next Story Arc44083.6
An Xbox showcase is reportedly planned for late January42704.6
Red Dead Redemption 2 Continues to Break New Player Records53554
New PlayStation 5 console bundles listed by retailer53024.4
Deep Rock Galactic Has Sold Over 5.5 Million Units43524.4
A Single Gran Turismo 7 Car Takes 270 Days To Make42693.4
Company of Heroes 3 Kicks Off New Playtest Ahead of February 23 Launch42404
Meta Quest 1 Support Is Coming To An End In 202475683.6
Dead Island 2 Trailer Briefly Showcases the Slayer Ryan63804
Apple is reportedly planning to launch its AR/VR headset in fall 202356223.7
Forspoken Hypes up Imminent Launch with New Cinematic Trailer42804.2
Deliver Us Mars Trailer is Counting Down to Game's Release Date42614.2
Hogwarts Legacy Tops Steam Wishlist Charts Despite Controversy108844.6
F1 Manager 2022 Has Sold Over 600,000 Units53854.4
Dead Space remake Steam pre-orders come with free copy of Dead Space 242374
Rumor: Sony Could Be Releasing 2 New PlayStation 5 Bundles Next Month72663.6
New Forza Motorsport 8 Report Has Exciting News for Fans54934.2
Dwarf Fortress Sold Nearly 500,000 Copies in December32154.2
Borderlands movie reshoots taken over by Deadpool director54364.4
Arma Yearly Recap Reveals Over 2.7 Million Unit Sales In 202232374
Portal Prequel To Get Ray-Tracing53023.6
Ubisoft's Star Wars Game Reportedly Similar to No Man's Sky53944.8
Arkane Says Launching Redfall On Xbox Game Pass Is "Scary"83073.8
Footage of ‘unannounced Sony shooter’ allegedly leaks43194.2
Silent Hill 2 Remake Will be a “Top-Grade Visual Experience”63234
Ubisoft+ New Subscription Tiers Leaked Online52744
Half-Life: Source Leakers Finally Uncover G-Man Death Sequence33964
Skyrim's Whiterun Recreated In Halo Infinite Forge43614
Red Dead Redemption 2 Railway Workers Actually Build Tracks86764.2
Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Will Feature Support for AMD FSR42944.4
Guilty Gear Strive is "unplayable" following a new security exploit53954
Naughty Dog Is Against Announcing Its Secret Project Too Soon63294.3
Bloober Team on Additional Silent Hill Projects – “Never Say Never”52313.8
Valorant Gets New Trailer Showing Off Map Based in India63164
Silent Hill 2 Remake Dev Taking a ‘Very Safe Approach’ to Changes52394
PS5 Discord Voice Chat Integration Release Date Could Be Coming Soon52583.8
Turtle Rock's original Left 4 Dead prototype has leaked67183.8
Xbox Game Pass Users Upset Over Change to New Games88684
Cyberpunk 2077 Developers Settle Lawsuit With Investors For $1.85M73533.6
Microsoft Admits Mistake, Removes Inflammatory FTC Lawsuit Claim53593.5
Steam player count tops ten million in-game users for the first time52563.8
Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Has 17 Weapon Types and Over 40 Armor Sets53644
Call of Duty Warzone 2 Developers Provide Timeline for Private Matches76383.8
Sonic Frontiers Nintendo Switch Demo Now Available Worldwide54493.6
NetEase has acquired Halo and Minecraft co-developer SkyBox Labs54484.2
Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack Subscribers Can Earn Special N6455233
Valorant Reveals New Three-Site Map With Official Trailer43863.8
Redfall is More Like Far Cry Than Left 4 Dead44834.4
Microsoft has launched an Xbox Series X Forza Horizon 5 bundle54734.6
Modern Warfare 2 Leak Reveals Two Classic Multiplayer Modes May Return99474.8
Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot's Next DLC Maybe Based On Original Dragon Ball44474
Team Fortress 2 Patches Launch Bug 16 Years Later Out Of Nowhere52834
PowerWash Simulator is Finally Coming to PlayStation43194.2
Warzone 2 Players Reportedly Shadowbanned After Performing Well76274.2
Square Enix Reveals New Octopath Traveler 2 Screens and Details44933.7
Nintendo Switch narrowly topped UK console sales in 202253534.3
Star Wars Jedi: Survivor PC Requirements Revealed55243.3
Standing the PS5 Vertically Could Cause Permanent Damage97173.8
Rumor: Skyrim Could Be Adding Paid Marketplace54034
Gran Turismo 7 Will Be A PSVR 2 Launch Title53204.7
UK competition watchdog extends inquiry period for Activision deal44344
Bungie is working on ‘a number of unannounced projects’ with Sony43764.7
Epic Games Store’s next free title has been announced32604.2
Atomic Heart Dev Promises Mind-Blowing Optimization on PS4 & Xbox One23523.5
Beat Saber Announced for PlayStation VR231984.3
Gearbox Acquires Captured Dimensions23164
Atomic Heart Dev's Have No Plans For Multiplayer34494.6
PS5 Has Sold Over 30 Million Units Worldwide52834
Microsoft Reportedly Not Looking To Settle Its Lawsuit With The FTC34764.3
Insider Claims New Major Game Projects Started Today Targeting PS622913.7
World War Z: Aftermath Next Gen Update Coming This Month34954.1
High On Life Contains An In-Game Tribute To Speedrunners44234.4
EA says 60% of recently wiped Madden saves likely unrecoverable54874
New PS Vita Browser Exploit Makes Installing Custom Firmware Easier54264.3
Analyst doesn’t expect next-gen Nintendo console in 202343944.1
Vampire Survivors To Receive New Engine And Expansions This Year45284
Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Showcases New Gameplay Trailer33074
Microsoft Recognizes Union Formed By Bethesda QA Workers52894.7
One Piece Odyssey Gets Short Live-Action Trailer Leading Up to Launch64993.7
Atomic Heart Trailer Showcases Gorgeous Ray Traced Visuals54174
Hitman 3 Becomes Hitman World of Assassination on January 26th53524
Steam users crown Elden Ring Game of the Year44024.5
NVIDIA Announces RTX 4070 TI At $799 Price43213.6
Valve: Windows 11 approaches 29% mark on Steam63813.9
Elden Ring Beats Last of Us 2's GOTY Record65253.9
Microsoft Claims It Has No Idea When The First CoD Title Released89464.3
Resident Evil 4 Remake Keeps Infamous Island Section54364.4
Atomic Heart DLC Will Add New Enemies, Stories, Territories, and More43754.3
Granblue Fantasy: Relink Will Receive New Details Later This Month33003.7
Shadow Warrior 3 Might be Headed to Game Pass42474.3
Resident Evil 4 Remake Could Receive New Details This Month63353.7
System Shock Remake Launches in March53004
Witchfire Announces NVIDIA DLSS3 Integration With New Gameplay Trailer53554.3
Fable Rumours About Development Reboot Are Reportedly Untrue32923.9
GeForce Now is being upgraded to RTX 408043614.3
Starfield Official Support Page Has Gone Live, Reiterates 2023 Launch43404
Rumor: Nintendo Could Soon Be Shifting Focus to Switch 2 Console55084
Valve Announces Most Played Steam Deck Games Of December53893.6
Street Fighter 6 Team Says it Hasn’t Made Compromises with Development54214
Ubisoft Massive’s Star Wars Game Will be Announced This Year53553.4
Destiny 2 Dataminers Admit To Faking Subscription Plan Leak53754
God of War Ragnarok Has Already Outsold Forbidden West in the UK44474.1
Persona 3 Remake Still On The Cards According To Insider35534.5
New Sonic Olympic Game In Development, Job Listings Suggest54663.6
Fable Report Reveals Far Away Release Date53464.3
Omori Has Sold 1 Million Copies Since Launch53804
Gran Turismo 7 Doesn’t Have a PC Version in Development52443.7
PlayStation 5 Outpacing Xbox Series X|S In US Sales By 1 Million Units42433.6
Insider Reconfirms Persona 3 Remake Development33764
Final Fantasy Boss Teases "Big Announcement" for 202343614.1
Vampire Survivors Creator Admits Surprise At Game's Popularity22643.9
Silent Hill: The Short Message Rated in Taiwan, Only for PS532814
Rumor: F-Zero Could Be Making a Comeback in 202332874
The Last of Us Part 3 Rumor Seemingly Denied by Naughty Dog52244.3
Dragon's Dogma 2 Gets Promising Update33133.8
Duke Nukem 3D: Reload Has Leaked Online With Source Code42703.7
Payday 3 Reiterates 2023 Launch with New Teaser44934.4
Resident Evil 4’s Development is “in the Final Spurt”43484
Factorio has sold 3.5 million copies52973.9
Call of Duty: Warzone 2 Resurgence Map Reportedly Coming Very Soon53384
Xbox Exclusive Is Officially Lowest-Rated Flop of 202258313.9
Redfall Is Reportedly Targeting A Release In May32133.9
Street Fighter 5 Had Sixth Season of DLC Cut from the Game42073.7
Halo Infinite Player Recreates Halo 3 Valkyrie Map In Forge53464
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Has Surpassed 5 Million Lifetime Sales In Japan53103.3
Metroid Prime Announcement Could Be Coming Soon42534
Vampire Survivors Creator Was "Very Hesitant" To Release DLC74204
New Leak Has Legend of Zelda Fans Excited54544.1
EA Has Lost 60 Percent Of All Madden 23 Franchise Cloud Saves74684.1
Dying Light 2 Developer Teases What's Coming in 202391,5254.3
Duke Nukem 3D: Reloaded Source Code Leaked42843.9
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Director Praises The Last of Us Part 162934.4
Warzone 2 Proximity Chat Glitch Making It So Names Don't Disappear55244
GTA Online Users Being Attacked by New Hack98223.9
Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak's Fourth Update Coming February 202355064.1
Cult of the Lamb Reveals First New Feature in "Major Content Update"63373.8
Sony Working to Improve the Quality of Voice Communication in Games52613.8
First Microsoft And FTC Pre-Trial Hearing Set For January 364854
Unannounced Silent Hill Game Gets PS5 Rating43163.8
Steam Reveals The Best Selling And Most Played Games Of 202264494.7
Fantasy Tarkov-Like Dark and Darker Announces Plans for Its Next Test43334.4
Escape From Tarkov: Arena Gets New In-Game Screenshots53894.1
GTA 6 Will Be Announced in 2023, Insider ‘Strongly’ Believes87873.7
Microsoft Could Use Machine Learning to Keep Xbox Consoles Cool44053.6
Capcom Says Dragon's Dogma 2 Developer Update Is Coming Soon43535
G4's Ratings Were Depressingly Low When the Network Shut Down45154.3
God of War Ragnarok Trick Simplifies Frustrating Boss Fight33763.5
The Last Guardian Creator Teases New Game Reveal32133.8
HBO’s The Last Of Us Episode One Is 85 Minutes Long42953.9
Warzone 2 Streamer Uses Proximity Chat to Try & Turn Off Enemy’s Xbox34263.9
Dead Island 2 Reveals Two New Playable Characters33654.1
Halo 3 Leak Reveals Scrapped FPS Feature46054.4
Xbox Live Games With Gold January 2023 Titles Announced55734
Stalker 2 Gets New Gameplay Trailer43283.9
Splatoon 3 Is Nintendo Japan's Top-Selling eShop Title Of 202233664.5
Ninja Theory Hints That Hellblade 2 News Is Coming42464

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