The Crew Motorfest Officially Confirmed By Ubisoft

As tends to be the case with Ubisoft titles, the leaks were impressively accurate; the publisher has just confirmed that The Crew Motorfest is indeed the next entry in its The Crew racing-game series, via a reveal trailer that shows various photo-realistic cars driving along the jungles and beaches of picturesque Hawaii. The title is set to release sometime in 2023, and it will be a cross-gen title available on all major platforms (barring Nintendo Switch).

Ubisoft's website further confirms more of what had been previously leaked. The Crew Motorfest will allow players to race through Honolulu, as it's going to be set in the Hawaiian island of Oahu, as previously claimed. This is a pretty big departure from the prior two The Crew titles, which have both been set in a scaled-down version of mainland United States.

The trailer confirms some of the car brands that are going to be available in The Crew Motorfest, such as Lamborghini, AC (Cobra), and Ford, though these likely only make up a fraction of the options you'll have in the full game. Ubisoft has claimed that Motorfest will include "hundreds of the most legendary vehicles." What's notably missing from this trailer, though, is any clip that shows off a vehicle that isn't a car.

2018's The Crew 2 added numerous types of vehicles besides cars for players to drive, such as boats, airplanes, and more. It could be that Motorfest is going for the more traditional route of the original The Crew, and keeping the gameplay loop focused purely on car driving. Alternatively, it could be that Ubisoft is simply saving these other vehicles for a future presentation later in the year.

The game's official site details the different terrains that will be available in Hawaii, such as "ashy volcano slopes," "lush rainforests," "curvy mountain roads," and the "sunny beach." Furthermore, the game will include various types of game modes, such as "tailor-made races, themed events, and other unique challenges." The Crew Motorfest is in development at Ubisoft-owned French studio Ivory Tower, which has only made The Crew games since the series' inception in 2014.

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CalicoReidso it certainly looks really cool, but racing car games aren't my thing

but loved the trailer though

I agree, I liked them back in the day but they really don't hold my attention these days...


it certainly looks really cool, but racing car games aren't my thing

but loved the trailer though


I guess theee games do alright if they keep making them I just don't get it though


I used to enjoy games like this when I was younger but haven't played racing games in well over a decade now


oooooo well i'm looking forward to this

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