Valve: Windows 11 approaches 29% mark on Steam

Every month, Valve runs a voluntary survey to gather information about PC configurations its customers use to access Steam. This data helps developers optimize their games to reach as many gamers as possible and make wise investments in different technologies. Steam Hardware and Software surveys are also a great source of information about various Windows versions and their success among gamers.

Note: Participation in the survey is optional, so the data does not represent 100% of Steam users. Also, the official Steam page compares the latest data to October 2022, not November 2022, hence the difference in deltas between this article and the official report.

The survey results show that Windows 11 keeps stealing users from Windows 10. According to Valve, in December 2022, Windows 11 reached 28.42%, which is a 0.44 points increase compared to November 2022.

Windows 10 64-bit, the most dominant species of operating systems on Steam, lost only 0.18 points in December 2022—the eight-year-old OS right now has a 65.42% market share. Windows 7 64-bit experienced a similar decline. Valve says the third most popular Windows version on Steam currently has 1.66% (-0.22 points).

Windows 10 64-bit: 65.42% (-0.18)
Windows 11: 28.42% (+0.44)
Windows 7 64-bit: 1.66% (-0.22)
Windows 8 64-bit: 0.41%
Windows 7 32-bit: 0.11%

Overall, Microsoft's operating system family keeps holding the market tight with a 96.15% market share (+0.04). Apple is second with 2.48% (+0.03), and Linux is third with 1.38% (-0.06).

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CalicoReidso Maybe in a few years I'll switch to Win11

You probably won't have much choice by then!


It's funny how it always takes people so long to come around to new versions of Windows...
I remember being so adverse to switching from Windows 7 to 8.


Maybe in a few years I'll switch to Win11


I think the update from Windows 10 to 11 is much more closely related to macOS version update, rather than an update from 8.1 to 10. Rumors have it that Windows may adopt a yearly update cycle changing the Windows version number with each update.


W11 loooks nice but their video is a lil extra lol


I'm not going to switch to w11 until it makes me lol

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