Life Is Strange 2 Switch Port Announced For February

Publisher Square Enix has announced a new port for the narrative adventure game Life is Strange 2. It will arrive on the Nintendo eShop on February 2 for the Nintendo Switch and join the ranks of other Life is Strange titles such as True Colors, which was released at a similar time last year.

The port is being handled by the Montreal studio of the original developer, Paris-based Dontnod Entertainment, and was announced via a YouTube teaser trailer.

Life is Strange is a narrative-focused game. The main characters, Sean and Daniel, must make a cross-country trek to escape into Mexico in order to hide Daniel's emerging telekinetic powers. Fans may be pleased to see iconic moments from the 2018 game showcased in the trailer — such as the border confrontation showdown — and the teaser reemphasizes the impact player choice has on the impressionable younger Daniel.

Dontnod has announced it will release eight games between this year and 2025. It is unclear whether this port accounts for one of the eight titles, but even if it did, seven game releases in three years is nothing to scoff at. This impressive work ethic could be due to an injection of funds from the sale of company shares to Chinese tech giant Tencent. The company has been making big moves in the gaming world, and a few months ago publicly announced what we have already observed for several years at this point — it wants to acquire more triple-A partners.

How Tencent's minority stake in the company affects the direction the studio proceeds in remains to be seen. Recently, Dontnod announced its newest original title, Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden. While not much is known of it yet, this new title appears to be a stark departure from Life is Strange, both in setting and genre.

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Jen That's pretty cool bringing back what they did with Daniel in 2018 into 2025

What are you talking about? All they've said is that they will release 7 games between now and 2025. They haven't brought back anything they've done to Daniel to 2025?


CalicoReidso it certainly is a great story, Switch players will enjoy this as much

Yep, I'm sure they'll enjoy it pretty much equally regardless of the platform they play it on haha


Great series, I haven't played #2 yet though. I like seeing games come to all platforms. I think they should just he released that way to be honest


it certainly is a great story, Switch players will enjoy this as much


That's pretty cool bringing back what they did with Daniel in 2018 into 2025


Switch players better be happy cuz they been gettin a lot of good stuff !

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