Sons of the Forest Developer Reveals Absurd Size of Game's Map

The developer of Sons of the Forest has revealed the size of the game and it's pretty absurd. Sons of the Forest is an upcoming survival horror game and follow-up to the similarly named game, The Forest. These kinds of games have existed for many years now with the likes of Rust, Minecraft, Ark: Survival Evolved, and so on, with many players getting lost in the worlds around them and what can be done within them. You can make whatever you want and try to survive as long as you possibly can and it seems like Sons of the Forest is attempting to make a game that deepens that experience in new ways.

When speaking with GamesRadar, the team behind Sons of the Forest revealed what to expect form the size and scope of the world. Players can expect it to be about four times larger than the first game, but without losing any depth or detail. The team noted that the game will be even more detailed and have a lot of variety in its environment. They even described it as "the ultimate camping simulator", which should make for a really compelling world worth exploring.

"In just scale, the world is around 4x the size of The Forest, but everything is more detailed this time, with more plant and tree variety, more log and stump types, and visually when you craft items, for example, a Molotov Cocktail, you actually see the player take some cloth and shove it into a bottle of vodka," said the developer. "When you place a log on a wall or cut a floor apart you see the player actually do it. We wanted this to feel like the ultimate camping simulator meets a terrifying horror survival game."

As of right now, it sounds like Sons of the Forest really is trying to up the ante. Players will have access to an AI companion that can help you with tasks such as gathering wood and so on. Not only will you have a big world to play in, but someone to help you conquer it!

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that size is absolutely absurd for the game map

but it's going to be one hell of a game


Is it gonna be 12fps like the first one though


That's cool it's a big game size but can also be overwhelming but we'll see what it has to bring because they deff want to up the ante


It's crazy and sometimes creepy got mutated things and cannibals coming or you while trying to survive and build a safe camp

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