Forspoken Is ‘Unrecognizable’ From Its Original Pitch – Report

Forspoken is reportedly an “extreme case” of a game being completely “unrecognizable” to its original pitch, according to insider Alex Donaldson. While it’s not uncommon for games to change from its original vision, he says that Forspoken struggled substantially to find its identity throughout game development, due in part to the departure of Hajime Tabata from Luminous Productions in 2018.

Forspoken’s development struggles could explain low review scores
Donaldson, the owner of RPG Site, notes that from various sources, it appears Forspoken went through multiple changes in development. He writes in a tweet:

People have said to me the original pitch/plan is unrecognizable in the product as it is now. This happens to many games mid-dev, but Forspoken basically appears to be a particularly extreme case, where it really went through the wringer in terms of changing and morphing.

He continues in a follow-up that some of the criticisms he has seen of Forspoken thus far seem like they are symptoms of these constant changes in direction.

Square Enix’s Luminous Productions was founded by Hajime Tabata in March 2018, but only eight months later in November 2018, he resigned from the company. Given that Forspoken is the developer’s debut project, his rather sudden departure could explain the game’s struggle to find a point of view right from the start.

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Jen That's crazy but sometimes that is good thing when it looks unrecognizable

Indeed, but I'd dare to say it never is when a game can't find an identity after that...


Runts Either way it looks sickk asf !

It looks visually stunning but not so great in the more important aspects unfortunately


I'm sure there are other games out there are 'Unrecognizable' from there original pitch


That's crazy but sometimes that is good thing when it looks unrecognizable


Either way it looks sickk asf !

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