Fallout 76 To Remove Illegal Mods From Player's Weapons

The newest Fallout 76 update will introduce a new system that removes illegal weapon mods from the players' arsenals. The new patch also comes with various bug fixes and a series of improvements to Appalachia.

Developer Bethesda has shared a post about the implementation of the new illegal weapon mod removal system. According to the post, the system will detect weapons mods and attachments that have been obtained illegally, and ensure that they are removed from the players' inventory.

The developers had been working on the system before they announced it back in November 2022. After tinkering with it before fully implementing it in the Public Test Server, they realized that they needed "a bit more time to implement it than originally projected." It appears that the system is now ready to deploy and detect players who are using weapons with mods and attachments that come with extreme stats. Even though most of these weapons look the same as others, they offer an incredible amount of damage or come with a legendary hidden perk.

The post does not say whether there will be bans for the players who make use of such items, but it does state that attachments will be removed once the system deems that the combinations are claimed illegally. In a previous post Bethesda dropped in November, it was stated that the players "may notice a damage decrease to the weapon," in addition to the mod's removal from the inventory.

The new post, on the other hand, states that a large chunk of the player base will not be affected by the new update. That's because the system will only focus on weapon mods that "don't naturally belong to and cannot be obtained through gameplay." This means you are free to roam around Appalachia without any repercussions as long as you adhere to the rules and do not pursue such weapon attachments.

The weapons that the developers previously removed from the drop pool, like Stalkers Shovels, Explosive Energy Weapons, and Explosive Dragons will be impacted as well. Bethesda adds that the integration of the new system "is to ensure that all players have the same advantages as you," regardless of the type of content in which the player is invested.

The update is scheduled to roll out on January 24 at 10 am ET. It also comes with a series of weapon improvements for existing weapons like Assault Rifles, Handy Buzz Blade's and Radium Rifles.

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Runts Well yeah I'd hope so then If they are exploiting the game.

Yep, and given that it's an online multiplayer game, it's absolutely necessary


Jen About time fallout does something lol

It is, but trust me, this isn't what we wanted!


seriously, about f*cking time they're going to do this


About time fallout does something lol


Well yeah I'd hope so then If they are exploiting the game.

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