Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack Subscribers Can Earn Special N64

Nintendo has officially rolled out its first batch of 2023 N64 goodies for Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion subscribers. The company continues to offer fans a wide variety of icons to customize. The latest icons are the third wave of N64-related limited edition content Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion subscribers can redeem points for and are available only for a limited time.

The newest icon waves began in 2022. Nintendo’s first wave of N64 icons was released this past November and included Super Mario 64, Kirby’s Crystal Shards, The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask, and N64 controller themes to choose from. The second wave included The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Yoshi’s Story, F-Zero X, and more controller-themed icons. Both waves concluded Nintendo’s special edition icons for 2022 and are no longer available to download.

The latest batch of limited edition icons continues pulling from popular N64 titles. This time, fans have the chance to redeem points for Mario Kart 64, Paper Mario, Star Fox 64, and N64 controller-themed icons. Though, this time around, there are more than just icons fans could spend platinum points on. Nintendo also introduced new missions that can be completed to earn 300 platinum points total. The missions include playing the titles that the icons are based on. It’s also worth noting that fans have until February 2 to download the latest icons and complete January’s missions lineup.

Despite the fact that the first N64 game for this year is not available via the subscription service just yet, this third set of icons is a nice touch for patient fans of the classic console. The addition of more icons dedicated to classic Nintendo consoles is always highly anticipated and positively received. There's also speculation that other classic consoles will get the special edition icon treatment, but time will tell on which one will be next.

The nod to retro Nintendo consoles via Nintendo Switch Online has proven to go from lacking to promising over the years. The choice of games provided in some apps, such as the game library for the Super Nintendo, has been criticized for missing popular titles of that era. However, since the introduction of the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion option, fans have praised the choice of AAA titles from other classic consoles, especially from the N64. Now, Nintendo appears to be dedicated to fleshing out what the subscription service has to offer overall. Hopefully, 2023 will continue to hold many more surprises for Nintendo fans.

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CalicoReidso they should release a GameCube V2, and do all this on that too

Jen I agreee gamecubee is the way lol

Nah, no way. Nintendo 64 all the way!


They've released some fantastic games there. I love seeing all these old Nintendo games remade. I wish all of them would come to all consoles!


they should release a GameCube V2, and do all this on that too


I agreee gamecubee is the way lol


Only Nintendo I liked really was the GameCube fr

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