Rumor: Gears Ultimate Collection and Gears 6 Logos Leaked

A fresh Gears of War leak alleges that both Gears 6 and a Gears Ultimate Collection are currently in active development, showing off the games' supposed logos with a "confidential" watermark sitting just behind them. A supposed remaster collection of some number of the old Gears of War games has been rumored to be in production for quite a long while now, and this may be the first actual peek at some of its art.

It's currently unclear what, exactly, is going on with Gears of War as a whole. Microsoft is yet to formally announce a new project in the franchise, even though the two latest titles in the series (Gears 5 and Gears Tactics, specifically) received ample critical acclaim.

The latest Gears leak is as tentative as they get: an anonymous source sent a picture of a computer screen showing off the two alleged logos to the Xbox Era Podcast, with a note that the source themselves wasn't sure whether the image is original or a custom fake. Previous rumors suggested that the Gears of War remasters are still underway, and this latest showing implies that the project is going to be the Gears Ultimate Collection of some sort. At the same time, the image also contains the potential logo for Gears 6, and it's worth pointing out that none of the fonts look awfully out of place, all things considered.

The Xbox Era Podcast hosts go out of their way to underline the fact that this leak is entirely uncorroborated and likely fake, and waiting for more information is definitely the way to go on this front. This isn't nearly as unbelievable as leaks sometimes get, though. Gears 6 is years away at best, that much is clear, but it wouldn't be strange if Microsoft and Coalition were to launch the old games' remasters in the interim to pad out the schedule. Potentially getting the titles on PC would be a huge deal, if nothing else.

While there's no telling whether this leak is true or not, and it very well could end up being fake, it's worth pointing out, this may get Gears' fans hopes up. Especially for those who aren't keen on the upcoming Gears of War card game, which admittedly is quite a far cry from the bombastic and often unrelenting nature of the mainline Gears of War gameplay experience.

Far as the studio behind Gears of War is concerned, it is known that The Coalition is helping with the State of Decay 3's development at this time. It's highly unlikely that the production of this title would eat up all of The Coalition's development capacity, however, and it's almost certain that the team is working on something else along the way. Whether that means this new leak is true or not, however, only time will tell.

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Jen That will be really cool if it's trueee on the leak

Doesn't look like it is unfortunately...


Well, maybe it's not true but it's sure to come at some point!


would be great to get them all in one big collection bundle to purchase


That will be really cool if it's trueee on the leak


I LOVED gears from 1-3 but after that it fell just straight off specially with the robots added. I hope if they make a new one they really think and do it well !!

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