Fable Report Reveals Far Away Release Date

A new report about the upcoming Fable game has some bad news. According to this report, the reboot will be lucky to be an Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S game because it will be lucky to be out by the end of the generation. If the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S generation is as long as the Xbox One generation, this could mean the game won't be out until 2027, or sometime at the end of the generation in, say, late 2025 or 2026. The report comes as a shock to many Xbox fans as the game was announced back in the summer of 2020, before the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S were even released. At the time if you told Xbox fans they would have to wait until the end of the generation to play the reboot, they would have called you crazy. Yet, it looks like that may happen.

The report itself comes the way of VGC's Andy Robinson, a very reliable industry insider. According to Robinson, "Fable might just make it out before the end of this gen." If you've been paying attention to reports, rumors, and rumblings about the game, all of which have pointed to a slow and troubled development, this is perhaps less surprising.

Robinson noted he's not heard of the game switching engines and being rebooted during development -- which the aforementioned rumblings have mentioned -- but he seems confident the game is "not coming out any time soon."

For what it's worth this lines up with what we've heard for a couple of years now. Not only did Playground Games need to staff up substantially to make the game -- and you have to remember they've previously only been a one-team studio dedicated to Forza Horizon -- but they had to do so in a market where it's very difficult and expensive to hire, let alone find senior talent.

As you may know, most games with long developments have troubled developments and most of these "most games" don't turn out that great. There are exceptions though, and a long development doesn't always mean a troubled development. That said, where there is this much smoke there is usually fire. If a variety of sources are reporting a range of issues, it's because things probably aren't going very smoothly.

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Source: https://comicbook.com/gaming/news/fable-4-xbox-one-series-x-release-date-update-report/


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Antiglio im replaying fable 1 atm cant wait

I imagine the graphics might be quite a challenge to put up with for an entire play through these days!


I actually thought this game was expected for the end of this year!


would love to play this game when it comes out

need to play the old ones again


im replaying fable 1 atm cant wait


Well yeah they don't need to rush it !

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