Footage of ‘unannounced Sony shooter’ allegedly leaks

Footage claiming to be from an unannounced PlayStation shooter has emerged online.

The brief footage shows a character walking towards a balcony while a large creature climbs the side of a building.

It’s claimed that the footage is from a sci-fi third-person shooter that is being developed in Unreal Engine 5.

Notable leaker DuskGolem has claimed that they have seen “a lot more of the game,” and that the footage is from an older build.

It’s claimed the game is being worked on through XDEV with an unknown external studio.

There are few details on the game, but it’s known that Sony is looking to create more live-service games, so this title could be part of that strategic realignment.

If the leak proves to be real, it would mark the latest in a run of Sony leaks including the Returnal PC port.

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Google translation....

"Here's the leak of an early game first party from Sony. This is a Sci-fi RPG, probably made in UE5. Estdio would be XDev and more leaks will appear this year. People are dubbing the game "Gears of Effect"."

From Amadeus on the reply [email protected]
"Gears of Effect? Mass Effect meets Gears of War. Looks like a PS3 game too."

^^ They actually do have a point, but it would be great to see a 5min gameply vid


I wonder if Sony may be trying to create a Destiny 2 styled shooter to latch onto some of that reoccurring revenue.


Idk but Sony makes amazing single player games

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