New Tomb Raider Game May Be Revealed Soon

The next Tomb Raider game is reportedly aiming to be revealed fairly soon. Tomb Raider is one of gaming's seminal franchises, introducing a really strong female protagonist that would become a gaming icon, laying the foundation for Uncharted, and much more. It's a series that has survived many incarnations over the years. In 2013, the series was rebooted with a darker, grittier tone that put Lara Croft in far more peril and created an arc for her to become the "Tomb Raider" across a trilogy of games. The trilogy was received fairly well, but it's been quite some time since we last saw Lara in a video game.

It was confirmed in 2021 that a new Tomb Raider game was in the works, but it's unclear if it will be directly part of this rebooted saga or just a general Lara Croft adventure. However, we may find out more relatively soon. In a new report from Exputer regarding the future of Marvel's Avengers, which is also developed by Crystal Dynamics, it was revealed that the remaining staff on the superhero game is expected to move over to the new Tomb Raider project full-time to help prepare for a proper reveal later this year. It was recently confirmed that Amazon Games would publish the new Tomb Raider game, but it's unclear when the team is expected to release the game. Perhaps there's a chance that it is slated to come out later this year or sometime in 2024 if Crystal Dynamics is gearing up for a reveal soon.

As of right now, we'll just have to wait and see. It wouldn't be shocking if Crystal Dynamics is planning to reveal the new Tomb Raider game this summer around E3, as that would be the place most people would expect it. However, it's not out of the question that the developer plans its own standalone event outside of E3, but it really remains to be seen.

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Tomb Raider games are always great to play

can't wait for this new one (hopefully it doesn't get delayed)


Wow been going since 2013 and another release in 2024


Loved all the old ones on like ps2. It haven't tried out any of the newer ones yet.

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