PlayStation 5 Outpacing Xbox Series X|S In US Sales By 1 Million Units

Despite its lower price point and the potential for a slew of upcoming exclusive content, Microsoft's Xbox Series X|S continues to trail Sony's PlayStation 5 in US sales, with a new report showing Sony increasing the gap to more than a million units sold. The report, compiled by VGChartz on December 31, contains sales information gathered through this past November, giving a view of the first 25 months of the pair of consoles' lifespans, as both released for sale in November 2020.

According to the sales figures presented in the report, PlayStation's product had sold 10,324,530 units in the US during its first 25 months, while Xbox's product saw sales figures of 9,316,728 domestically during that same timeframe. In the space of time from October to November, Sony has widened the gap separating it from its closest competitor by a margin of more than 66,000 units.

Although the consoles released just two days apart, the PlayStaton 5 has seen better US sales figures during 18 of the 25 months both consoles have been on the market, though Xbox had done well in lessening the gap between the two from February to May of last year.

October 2021 had seen the highest point of discrepancy between the two companies, at which point a chart shows the PlayStation 5 ahead in US sales by more than 1.25 million units. Xbox's four-month winning streak last year narrowed the gap down to about 600,000 units in May before PlayStation resumed its uptick, from which it hasn't relented since. Overall, the Xbox Series X|S has actually sold better over the last 12 months of the study, outselling the PlayStation 5 by more than 17,000 units.

Despite its successes against its closest competitor, the PlayStation 5 is actually losing slightly to its older sister console, the PlayStation 4. Given the same amount of time on the market, the PlayStation 4 had sold roughly 620,000 more units than its current-generational console counterpart. Those numbers trend similarly with Microsoft's products, with the Xbox One outpacing the Series X|S by about 570,000 units.

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CalicoReidso not surprised there, PS5 has better games released

I think Xbox can challenge them with games released this year to be honest..


I'm surprised it's only by a million to be honest... It's probably just due to production issues that Xbox are keeping pace haha


not surprised there, PS5 has better games released


Well yeah. Xbox has the beater system and stuff but psn games beat Xbox all day and it ain't even close at all

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