Unannounced Silent Hill Game Gets PS5 Rating

One of Konami's upcoming Silent Hill games got a PS5 rating this week, though unlike some of the other Silent Hill projects Konami talked about recently, this one hasn't even been announced yet. It's called "Silent Hill: The Short Message," and it's not the first time we've heard about it either. The new rating from the Taiwan Digital Game Rating Committee didn't offer much additional info about the project other than that it'll be released for the PS5 and will be published by Konami, however, so we'll have to wait on the publisher to share more about the game whenever the official reveal happens.

The rating in question can be seen here once you've searched for the title of the game. The game's got violence and horror as well as some inappropriate language, though that's hardly surprising considering the series it's part of. It lacks a release date as well as a more detailed description of the game.

Prior to this rating in Taiwan, the game was also rated in Korea back in September. Before that, some leaks from insiders suggested that Konami was working on some sort of Silent Hill game that involved players receiving SMS messages. It's thought that these two games are one and the same, though Konami of course hasn't confirmed that at this time.

What Silent Hill owners Konami did confirm recently, however, was the existence of not just one but several different Silent Hill projects. After a long drought of Silent Hill content wherein fans begged Konami to do something with the IP, Konami announced the remake of Silent Hill 2 as well as two additional projects called Silent Hill: Townfall and Silent Hill F. Separate from all of those is another movie called Return to Silent Hill that's also in the works.

Given that Konami held off on formally announcing Silent Hill: The Short Message, it's unclear at this time when the company plans to acknowledge the project, but Silent Hill fans can hope for more leaks and updates like this one in the meantime.

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Man it seems so often that things are accidentally announced in such silly ways


would love to see a gameplay or screenshots of the upcoming game Silent Hill: The Short Message


I loook forward to upcoming projects and the remake is silent hill 2


Never understood why this gets so much praise and love it ain't that great lol

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