Valorant To Receive Team Deathmatch Mode This Year

Valorant developers Riot Games have shared a new dev diaries video, confirming the arrival of a Team Deathmatch mode later this year. The studio also promised to continue to work on the anticipated Premier mode in preparation for its launch at a currently unconfirmed date.

Anna Donlon, the executive producer behind Valorant confirmed in the final minutes of the recent Dev Diaries video that Riot Games is working on its own take on Team Deathmatch, which is aiming for a release sometime this year. While no official details have been released on this new mode so far, the credible Valorant leaker on Twitter, Mike, recently shared some information on the upcoming mode.

According to the leaker, each team will race to be the first to reach 100 kills. Unlike the current Deathmatch mode, players will be able to use their Agent abilities in Team Deathmatch. The leaker claims the mode is called 'Hurm' at the moment, and it has been through some QA testing previously.

Of course, we do suggest you take the information above with a grain of salt, as even if the leak turns out to be true, the concept of the mode is still subject to change until Riot Games shares more official details about it.

Aside from Team Deathmatch, Valorant players can also remain hopeful to get their hands on the Premier mode this year. In case you don't know about it, Premier is a competitive-focused mode designed for esports players and those who prefer high-level team play. The mode has already been tested by some competitive players, but still needs improvements before its full launch.

Valorant's Episode 6 launched earlier this year, delivering a new map to the Competitive map pool and bringing back Split to the scene once again with a few adjustments. Although no new Agent was released in the current Act, the developers did confirm that we will get new Agents and new maps during the course of the year.

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Jen Welll see what happens since some of the information is a leak

I think it's true actually. Looks like the matches will be split into two halves


This should be the bog standard default mode on any FPS multiplayer to be fair


it will do well with team deathmatch


I heard this game is pretty hard but I may get into it it looks good and I like the animation


Welll see what happens since some of the information is a leak

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