Dead Island 2 Trailers Detail Three More Playable Slayers

Deep Silver and Dambuster Studios continue to release trailers for each playable Slayer in Dead Island 2. After Ryan, Dani, Jacob (the first revealed Slayer), and Amy get the spotlight. Check out their personalities and innate abilities below.

Dani’s playstyle is all about meeting zombies head-on and dealing massive damage. Bloodlust grants her health after quickly slaying multiple zombies, and Thunderstruck causes her Heavy Attacks to generate a forceful explosion. Jacob is more about hitting quickly and dealing more damage with time. Feral provides a minor damage boost that stacks when attacking continuously.

Critical Gains moderately boosts Critical Damage when his Stamina is low and causes Critical hits to regenerate Stamina. Finally, Amy specializes in throwing weapons and fighting one-on-one. Relief Pitcher grants Stamina after a successful weapon throw on a zombie, and Divide and Conquer grants a small damage boost against isolated zombies.

Dead Island 2 is out on April 28th for Xbox One, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, PS5, and PC. Head here for some more extensive gameplay.

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great to see they have added more playable slayers

this game is going to be absolutely insane :waw:


That's dope there is three more playable slayers toooo


This should be fun but won't compare to the original one ! Loved beating that then going back through to mod the lobbys.

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