Forspoken: In Tanta We Trust DLC Receives Short New Gameplay Clip

Reviews are now live for Luminous Productions’ Forspoken and are mixed. In the meantime, the developer wrapped up its Launch Day Broadcast stream and revealed a new gameplay clip for In Tanta We Trust. The prequel DLC is out this Summer.

The short clip sees two characters walking past some rocks as a massive structure overlooks them from above. The area seems to be encased in a dome, though to what end is unknown. These may be two of the Tantas, the antagonists Frey goes up against in the main game. Perhaps we’ll learn more about their journey and how they came to rule Athia.

Forspoken is out tomorrow for PS5 and PC and is a PlayStation console exclusive for the next two years.

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Runts Love it this trailer looks awesomee.

Many of them do, but don't be fooled my friend. Watch the combat trailer!


Why are they teasing DLC before the game has even come out? :p


absolutely amazing. It certainly is a must for the trust


Loooks like a good game PS playas enjoy lol


Love it this trailer looks awesomee.

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