Steam Replay Data Can Now Be Added to Your Profile

Valve has implemented a much-requested feature allowing Steam users to add their Steam Replay 2022 showcases to their profiles. PC gaming is a major hobby in many people's lives, or can be something more for others. The Steam Replay is a glimpse into that hobby, a celebration of a year's worth of PC gaming investment. Many people see that as a badge worth sharing with other Steam users, and Valve appears more than happy to enable that attitude.

Steam Replay is something fun that Valve decided to do for 2022. It's a year-end wrap-up that Valve put together for every Steam user. Users could see how much time they spent playing games on Steam, what games were their favorites, how many achievements they unlocked, data for specific games, and a variety of other interesting information. If nothing else, it's a great opportunity for Steam users to look back long after 2022 ended to see what they spent their PC gaming time on.

Shortly after Steam Replay launched, many Steam users rallied to ask Valve if it could implement functionality to allow them to showcase their Steam Replay in their profiles. Valve didn't directly respond, but it has clearly been listening. Without an announcement or fanfare, Valve has launched the ability for Steam users to add their Steam Replay 2022 to their profiles.

Steam users can find their profile in the Steam client, click "Edit Profile," and see a banner reading, "New! Click here to add your 2022 Replay Showcase." A page will pop up allowing Steam users to add the Steam Replay showcase as a panel to their profile, among other possible showcases.

Once added to the Steam user's profile, the showcase shows a variety of information. Most prominently, it lists how many games the user played in 2022. It also lists how many Steam sessions the user had, how many achievements they unlocked, and how many new games they played. There's also a list of the five most-played games for the user, with a percentage showing how much they played that game compared to others. Lastly, if the Steam user played more games than most other Steam users, it will list them as the "Top % of players."

Adding a Steam Replay 2022 showcase to their profile isn't something every Steam user is going to do, of course. Maybe some users don't want their friends to know how many games they played, or which games they put all of their time into. Still, it's nice of Valve to give Steam users the opportunity to make that choice. Going forward, as years pass by, Valve will hopefully allow Steam users to showcase whichever Steam Replay year they want.

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always great to have more and more features on Steam


I don't personally care about stuff like this but still cool of them to do.

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