343 Industries Will No Longer Make Halo Games - Report

A new report has claimed that longtime Halo developer 343 Industries is being taken off of "active development" of the franchise and that new games in the series will be created by third-party studios. According to Halo leaker Bathrobe Spartan--who has a solid track record leaking Halo inside information--and translated by Metro, Microsoft's mass layoffs have hit 343 Industries hard and will see up to a third of its workforce laid off. Veteran developer Joseph Staten is reportedly exiting the studio and will rejoin Xbox Publishing.

343 Industries will then take on a parental role for Halo, overseeing new games and content while working on maintaining the game's engine. This isn't entirely new territory for 343 Industries as it has relied on outside help to develop Halo Infinite's multiplayer content (Season 2 is a prime example of this), but Bathrobe Spartan claims that the planned story-based DLC has been scrapped due to it being considered not cost-effective under 343's stewardship.

A follow-up to Halo Infinite is also expected to enter pre-production alongside spin-off titles, with these games reportedly being franchised out to other studios and being developed on more modest budgets. While Halo Infinite had a strong launch, recent months have seen 343 Industries criticized for delayed content rollouts, tedious multiplayer progression, and numerous bugs.

Controversially, 343 canceled couch co-op so it could instead focus on developing Halo Infinite's live-service features. Back in November, 343 also remarked on Halo Infinite's challenging year and promised improvements to its content release cadence starting with the Winter Update, while reports began to circulate that multiplayer partner Certain Affinity was working on an ambitious new mode for the game. Season 3: Echoes Within is still scheduled to start on March 7, and will add new multiplayer maps, the Bandit rifle and two new game modes.

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Source: https://www.gamespot.com/articles/343-industries-will-no-longer-make-halo-games-but-will-oversee-outside-development-report/1100-6510721/


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they are going to be missed. GBNF


343 are the greatest devs. Fake news.


juno This is a very sad day, 343 was the originator!

Bungie created halo, 343 was brought in when Bungie didn't wanna make any more halo games (after reach) halo 4 was fine cause 343 played it safe.
But halo 5 flopped & halo infinite has been a developer disaster from the very start. 343 only looked good piggy backing off Bungie. Their own games have been failures.


juno This is a very sad day, 343 was the originator!

@juno Delusional. I'm happy and hopeful. Not only do they deserve the rights to the franchise should of been stripped away a long time ago(never happened because its Micronazi we are talking about), because of their incompetent track record, and running the halo franchise into the ground over the years fail after fail. Bungie is the only real Halo developer. 343 Industries(Micronazi Studios) terrible business planning halo franchise direction/vision is what failed them. The halo Infinite launch was a sloppy disgrace with the HIGHEST initial game development budget in video game history. Terrible vision of direction of the franchise cause there money to be used in destructive/unnecessary places. This is not an opinion.


Fuq 343 tbh lmaooooo



This is a very sad day, 343 was the originator!


They pry don't wanna anyways game isn't what is used to be lol. Same for CoD

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