PS5 With Detachable Disc-Drive Is Said To Be “A New Console Entirely”

When the PS5 was first revealed, its size was the first thing many fans took notice of. It’s the largest of the current-gen consoles, since launch fans have been curious as to what a PS5 Slim model might look like.

In regular Sony fashion it seems that the company is working on something, with the latest rumours being that this new PS5 model is “a new console entirely,” according to Tom Henderson, who sites his own sources as to the existence of this new model.

It’s from Henderson that we’ve previously heard about this new model, which is meant to have a detachable disc-drive, potentially connected through an additional port on the back of the console.

Despite this disc-drive being something that reports say will be sold separately from the console, Henderson also reports that his sources don’t believe it will be compatible with the current PS5 digital model.

Which opens up a lot of other questions, particularly about the look of this console. Will it look like the rest of the PS5 family, or be completely different to sport the detachable disc-drive?

Compatibility could always come later that is, though if this new PS5 Slim model doesn’t include any major hardware changes, as Henderson’s report also suggests, then it would be difficult to see what it wouldn’t work with the digital model consoles to begin with.

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certainly will be handy to detach and store awy the disc drive to protect it when not using it


That's awesome. I love my ps5 I just need more storage fr.

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