Dead Space Remake Trailer Reveals Isaac Clarke's New Face

The remake for Dead Space will not only give the game a new graphical look, but also change the look of protagonist Isaac Clarke. Dead Space is one of the seminal pieces of gaming horror. It took a lot from games like Resident Evil and opted to bring it all into space, creating a brand new kind of terrifying horror for players to immerse themselves in. The game was a huge hit for EA and spawned one of the great gaming sequels with Dead Space 2 which then led to a threequel that didn't quite conclude everything in the way fans hoped for. Nevertheless, it's an essential horror game for gamers and it's coming back in a remake that will modernize it, add new content, and much more.

One of the big changes is that Isaac Clarke will be more of a character in the remake. The original Dead Space mostly kept Isaac as a silent protagonist aside from his screams and grunts. The sequels opted to flesh him out a bit more, but the remake will ensure he's voiced and likely seen more often from the start. In doing so, EA Motive has also given Issac a new face and it looks like he will more closely resemble the actor who plays him, Gunnar Wright. The latest trailer reveals a new look at Isaac's face close up and personal and one fan on Twitter named RuleTimeSpace compared his new face side by side with the one from the original game.

They look pretty different, but Isaac looks far more like a real person this time around. Given he's not meant to be a super soldier and heroic guy, but just a normal engineer, it makes more sense for him to look less battle hardened. Only time will tell if the new Dead Space remake pulls these changes off in a way that satisfies fans, but everything looks to be falling into place quite nicely at the moment.

Dead Space will release for Xbox Series X|S, PS5, and PC on January 27th, 2023.

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I am glad Isaac looks like "a more real person" this time lmao


Runts I remember this and fallout and some snowy alien type shooter game was wow of my first 360 games

snowy alient type shooter game sounds like Lost Planet


the new face could easy be his twin brother ;)


I remember this and fallout and some snowy alien type shooter game was wow of my first 360 games

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