Forspoken Receives Explosive New Launch Trailer

Luminous Productions’ Forspoken is out in just a few days, with reviews going live on January 23rd. To prepare for the action RPG’s launch, a new trailer is available. Check it out below.

For how trailers go, this is pretty straightforward, with protagonist Frey Holland unleashing spells and dashing across Athia’s landscapes. The story sees Holland transported to the fantasy realm and working with Cuff, a sentient bracelet, to take down the Tantas. There’s also the Break, a strange corruption that animals and humans into monsters. Frey has over 100 spells to utilize, and there are upgrades and loot that provide an advantage.

Forspoken launches on January 24th for PS5 and PC. It’s a two-year exclusive for Sony’s platform and won’t release on other consoles until at least January 23rd, 2025. A demo is available for PS5, which recently received an update to fix various issues.

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the game looks so f*cking amazing

it will certainly do well


Well the game just came out yesterday so I'll definitely check it out tomorrow when I play lol


Runts This looks like a sweet adventure game.

This trailer and the cinematic trailer make it look far better than the gameplay trailer does!


This looks like a sweet adventure game.

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