Minecraft Legends Gets Release Date and New Trailer

During today's Xbox Bethesda Developer Direct, Mojang revealed a number of new details surrounding Minecraft Legends. The biggest revelation is that the game is coming very soon, and is set to drop on April 18th. That day, players can check out the game's Standard Edition (which will be available day one on Xbox Game Pass for console and PC), or the Deluxe Edition, which includes the Deluxe Skin Pack, but at a discounted price. Pre-orders for the game will be available starting today at various digital storefronts.

A new trailer for Minecraft Legends can be found embedded below.

As readers can see from the video above, the Minecraft spin-off puts a much bigger emphasis on action gameplay, both in its single-player campaign, as well as in its PvP 4v4 mode. While the gameplay looks significantly different from its predecessors, Minecraft Legends seems to be building directly on elements that will be familiar to fans, while also expanding the gameplay in new and exciting ways. The narrative will center on a piglin invasion, and players will be tasked with defending the Overworld from this threat.

Minecraft is the best-selling video game of all-time, and it's interesting to see the ways that Mojang has been looking to expand the series beyond the original game. It remains to be seen whether Minecraft fans will enjoy the direction of Minecraft Legends, but the fact that the game was the first one showcased during today's Developer Direct says a lot about the franchise's popularity, and Microsoft's faith in the brand as a whole. With the game set to release so soon, fans won't have to wait too much longer to see how the spin-off turns out!

Minecraft Legends will launch April 18th on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC.

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Both minecraft stay updating one of the most consistent games pretty crazy

Yes and glad to see it too. The game is continually growing and improving. They seem to have struck a fine balance in the last years.


CalicoReidso the only minecrafts I played, are the telltale ones LMAO

There's a telltale Minecraft game? I love Telltale games but I'd be surprised if this were pulled off well...


All these Minecraft spin-offs seem far inferior to the base game.


the only minecrafts I played, are the telltale ones LMAO


Still never played Minecraft and don't think I will


Definitely interesting to see how they expand from their original game


minecraft stay updating one of the most consistent games pretty crazy

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