Forspoken's Final Boss Fight Leaks Ahead Of Release

Forspoken is only a few days away from its official release, and, as is so commonplace these days, footage of it has begun to leak, first with a long playthrough of the first few hours of the game, and now a 20-minute video that appears to showcase the game's final boss.

Forspoken is an open-world action RPG being developed by Square Enix's first-party team, Luminous Productions, which is most known for the well-received Final Fantasy XV. Unfortunately for those curious to see the video, the studio acted quickly and the link currently states that it was taken down due to a copyright claim by Luminous Productions. Some of it will be described here, however, the fight seemingly reveals major story implications, so, if you're deadset on playing the title, you may want to click away.

The video seemingly begins with the fight already underway. Protagonist Frey is atop a dragon and is shooting magic at a huge swarm of birds that surrounds her. She is in a large arena that's looks to be some sort of temple courtyard, which is corralled by a swirling sand tornado that blocks everything else from view. The dragon dies, and it is revealed to be some character of importance to Frey. She then seemingly finds some previously undiscovered power within herself and starts fighting directly with the final boss.

Much of the marketing material for Forspoken has showcased that Frey will be sporting a magic cuff with whom she can speak. The biggest story implication in this leak is that it appears that said cuff is the final boss of the game, meaning some plot twist along the way will reveal this mysterious entity to be the story's main antagonist. Take this with a grain of salt, as it is difficult to confirm. The boss has a much larger and abstract shape, but the voice actor does sound similar, and Frey does state that she "found him in a pawn shop."

The general reaction to the video was, unfortunately for Luminous Productions, far from positive. Many continue to criticize the game's dialogue, now due to what they deem to be excessive cursing from protagonist Frey. At one point, she calls the boss a "gaslighting piece of shit," which some believe stands out against the game's fantastical setting. Though internet comments aren't always the best predictor of a game's success or overall quality, Forspoken has been the subject of a lot of controversy during its marketing cycle, most recently due to its demanding PC requirements.

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Runts Leaks for gaming is just old now the shits dumb why tf you wanna leak everything and not be surprised by somthing you wait a while for

Aye it doesn't really much for me, I can't stand spoilers. I don't plan to play this game though, world looks cool but the combat looks very tedious. The twist does sound cool however!


Oh no... dialogue that detracts from immersion is the worst!


at least we know for sure what we're up against with all these leaks ;)


For real this game has had "so many leaks" just release it already lol


Leaks for gaming is just old now the shits dumb why tf you wanna leak everything and not be surprised by somthing you wait a while for

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