Hogwarts Legacy Has Mini-Games That Teach Spells

In an accessibility article, Hogwarts Legacy confirmed that the game will feature several mini-games to help the player learn useful spells. Though much of the cast of Hogwarts Legacy has been revealed in recent weeks, little is known about the game's various mechanics.

With so much hype built up over recent months in anticipation of its eventual release, Hogwarts Legacy could become the most popular game of 2023. Being pitched as an open-world adventure that allows players to explore the vast Wizarding World some hundred years prior to the events of the original series, Hogwarts Legacy promises an experience unlike any Harry Potter game before it. Players will be able to write their own stories as they explore unknown realms and come across some familiar faces. However, what many players are still wondering is what the process of learning the various spells found throughout the game will be like.

In an article found on Portkey Games' support page, it has been confirmed that the game contains "spell learning mini-games requiring precise movement." Though it is currently unknown whether all spells will have to be learned through this means or if it only applies to a select few, there remains a good chance that players will have to complete the mini-games to unlock useful Hogwarts Legacy spells. What these games are is not yet known, though they will presumably vary in accordance with the spell the player is trying to learn, as is common in previous Harry Potter titles.

The article also confirms that the game will possess four different difficulty settings, which will dictate how challenging combat and puzzles are. This difficulty can be changed at any time, rather than being set only at the start of the player's adventure, and the "story" level of difficulty will give players unlimited time on puzzles and make it impossible to fail spell-learning mini-games. These varying levels of difficulty will ensure Hogwarts Legacy remains accessible, particularly to those with disabilities that would otherwise make some parts of the game overly difficult or frustrating.

With less than a month until Hogwarts Legacy releases, new information continues to be posted on the official Twitter account dedicated to the game. Whether it's showing off gameplay or introducing a new Hogwarts Legacy character with major plot implications, the game continues to challenge fan preconceptions and show why many are pitching it to be one of the most popular games of the year upon its release in February.

Hogwarts Legacy launches on February 10 for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S, on April 4 for PS4 and Xbox One, and on July 25 for Nintendo Switch.

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yeah, so it's a "tutorial" to teach you how to create/use spells


Can't wait. Getting it on ps5 and deluxe edition to play early !

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